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Super Smash Bros.

Super Mario Galaxy’s Rosalina Coming To Super Smash Bros.

Rosalina is making her way from the Comet Observatory to the battlegrounds of Super Smash Bros. The powerful princess was announced during this morning’s Nintendo Direct.

Rosalina fights with Luma at her side, giving the other Nintendo characters a worthy foe. Rosalina has slowly been making her way through the Nintendo library, joining the race in Mario Kart and even appearing as a bonus unlockable character in Super Mario 3D World.

You can see her in action below. You can also check out the full Nintendo Direct presentation here.

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  • KIRBY IS IN MARIO KART!!!!! *reads full article* Awww....
  • that trailer almost makes luma look like its own fighter along with being combined with her

  • YAY!! I've wanted Rosalina in Super Smash Bros. since it was revealed. Now, to get more FE characters....

  • Why can't Kirby be a racer in Mario Kart.
  • Finally, another character reveal! And a really great choice at that. Also, another dress to peek under, lol.
  • Wow she's been infiltrating her way into everything.

    Now I'm gonna beat up Peach with her.

  • Rosalina is going to be this new Smash Bros? Sweet!!

  • And so the wait for Ghirahim continues.
  • This game will be the Wii U saver

  • I'm impressed, she looks like a very technical fighter. Gosh this game can't come soon enough.

  • I would like to see a final fantasy character in it. Not someone like cloud or lightning, but a warrior or a black mage from ff1. Final fantasy made its way on Nintendo, so why not. Its different and would shock people and I could see them in smash bros.

  • She is definitely a welcomed addition. Ever since shes been put into all these games, she is quickly becoming my favorite nintendo character. Peach has nothing on her and I am looking forward to using her in Smash.


  • She looks like she will play like Ice Climbers, try and use 2 different characters at once. I look forward to her.  I'm still hoping for Lyn, Hector, Issac, and Shy Guy.

  • Looks like she would be fun to play as she reminds me of a mix of ice climbers and peach

  • Her moves look a bit like Peach's, but those involving Luma or the wand are quite welcome. A bit of Peach, a bit of Ice Climbers; not really a clone. However, my eternal complain. I won't be getting a WiiU for this game (and Rosalina is a good reason) unless the game mechanics resemble more Melee than Brawl. Something I know that won't happen because Sakurai is such a stubborn designer.
  • I really thought this would be Kirby in Mario Kart.

  • I'm still waiting for N and Chrono to join the fight. Oh wait...

  • Is it creepy to say i would do lots of very lewd things to Rosalina...
  • from the looks of it they work like the ice climbers but not as dependent on each other as the ice climbers so i have high hopes for them.