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Mario Kart 8

New Mario Kart 8 Trailer Appears

Take a look at two new courses in the game, as well as a new kart.

One new locations is an airport – inside the concourse as well as out on the tarmac – and the other is a cloud-top course using the kart's gliders. You can also see the title's new buggy kart.

The game is scheduled to come out for the console sometime in the spring of 2014.

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  • Really liking how some of the tracks look. Makes me wish I had a Wii U.
  • Aww so many good times I had playing Mario 64 and Turok,instead of the Mario Kart games haha. Just more of MY cup of tea. The N 64 was a great machine, with great games. Just not enough of them. Shadow Man anyone? I love that game.
  • Very cool, was kind of hoping they would delve into online multiplayer more, but I guess I'll have to see how it is when it comes out lol. Doesn't look like they'll be talking about that anytime soon. While I did enjoy multiplayer on Mario Kart Wii, I hope this one isn't just you race and then you're done. You got points that showed how "good" you were but that's about it. Community challenges, online tournaments, and vehicle/character customization would be nice...

  • looks like another winner......cant wait till spring love the kart series

  • That intro to the Direct video showing Kirby before the new Smash Bros. Reveal is so misleading. I could swear they were adding Kirby to the roster. Guess not... None the less, both the new Smash Bros. and Mario Kart look fantastic. Although I have to say, I hope I can have the option to choose which sound I want playing (including separate options for voices, effects, and music), because I hate the voices and I tend to get bored of the music after the first few times. It would be sweet if the options were as in depth as Smash Bros.

  • Man. Why couldn't Mario 3D World look like THIS? Y'know, like an actual HD game? In interesting, colorful settings instead of just rehashed 3D Land locales?

    If anything can move those systems, it's this. Hopefully Nintendo can release this during a portion of the release calendar when no big games are coming out for the PS4 or XBone. And even then, something like Mario Kart appeals to far more people, in other demographics, than something like Infamous Second Son. Good luck Nintendo; it's getting old seeing the Wii U fail so badly at retail.

  • Looks great! I hope this Mario Kart is way better than Mario Kart Wii. Big let down for me on that game...time will tell. thanks.
  • I'm Glad to see Wal luigi on the trailer

  • I'm quite excited ^_^, but I wish I had a Wii U -_-.

  • I never look airplane  lucky first time new airplane to Mario Kart 8. Notice Build in pretty white bright interest other speed jump fly cool look like airplane.

  • Wow, I haven't played Mario Kart since Double Dash, so this is all very foreign to me. Looks kool