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Super Mario 3D World

10 New Things From Super Mario 3D World Video Reveals Fifth Playable Character

We know Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Toad are all playable in Super Mario 3D World, but a new video today reveals that Super Mario Galaxy's Rosalina will also be a playable character.

The video also showcases other new facts and modes about the game. Some are expected, like the use of the Wii U's touch screen and mic, speed run levels, and new bosses, but there are a number of surprises. Super Mario 3D World will feature foot races (with a Mario Kart theme!), dedicated Captain Toad levels, special top-down stages, and access to the original Mario Bros. multiplayer arcade game. You can check out the full video below to see all the new reveals, as well as how they look in action.

Super Mario 3D World is coming to Wii U November 22, the same day as the release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds for 3DS, and the Launch of the Xbox One.

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  • Gimme this game now dang it.

  • YES times a MILLION!!!!

  • YES times a MILLION!!!!

  • Does anyone else think Rosalina sounds like a very unexcited Drew Barrymore? More to the point: this game looks pretty sweet. The last time I played a Mario game seriously was Sunshine and that disappointed me.
  • I can't wait to play this.  It's basically my Christmas present this year.

  • The 5th character is dumb.... Should have been Wario or something else cool.
  • Still not getting it. Y'all Wii U fans need some Call of Duty. YES! I'M ONE OF THOSE GUYS NOW! BECAUSE OF THE WII U!
  • Damn...I was actually hoping this was a remake of Super Mario World with updated graphics...Still looks amazing but my inner Mario fanboy is disappointed.
  • I...have no strong feelings about this. Certainly doesn't impact my decision to buy the game.

    Now in order to balance out the gender equality in this game, they gotta reveal Toadette!

  • Not sure how I feel about this apparent emphasis on quantity over quality, but heck, it's a mario platformer. I know I'll be getting it as soon as I can.
  • Huh... Well, this makes it feel less like a classic Mario game. More characters is always good, though, I guess... Either way, I'll be picking this game up Friday. Not Thursday night, because I don't want to deal with all the Xbox One people at midnight launch.

  • I didn't want to know who it was. You damn fools.

  • Well I guess that's okay I just wish it would be someone a bit more iconic to the series like maybe Wario

  • Another game I gotta buy for my 3DS.