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Wii Fit U

Nintendo Introduces The Wii Fit U Fit Meter

In the latest video showcasing Wii Fit U, Nintendo introduces the long-lost cousin on the Pokéwalker, the Fit Meter.

Using the Fit Meter, Wii Fit U players will be able track and monitor their athletic activity throughout the day, and then upload the data to their Wii Fit U progress.

The video shows players using their Fit Meter data to progress an avatar up tall, iconic landmarks like the pyramids or the Eiffel Tower.

Wii Fit U is available to download now on the eShop. It's available as a free game for a month, and if you sync a Fit Meter with your game, it will unlock the full game permanently. The game will be available at retail on December 13 and it will include a Fit Meter, but it will also be sold separately.

The last time we spent any real time with Wii Fit U was at E3 2012. You can check out our preview here.

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  • It looks like a black Pokewalker.
  • The Pokewalker is actually one of the most accurate pedometers ever
  • So this is the Wii U's Wii Fit U Fit Meter?

  • What that last sentence an intentional jab at the Wii U Kyle?. . . *tsk tsp*
  • Tamagotchi, anyone?
  • This is why the Wii U is not selling well.

    Casual fans already have a Wii and will never see the point of upgrading, especially because of Wii Fit U when they already have Wii Fit.

    The hardcore fans that do buy consoles every generation and see the point of upgrading just don't want a console aimed towards casual fans because they won't enjoy half the games on the console.

    The hardcore fans also don't see the point of it being so complicated to add friends.
    Why do I need to exchange 12 digit codes over the phone with a friend and it be a 5+ minute ordeal to add them?
    Why can't I just click on them and select to send a friend request?
  • With so many devices like these on the market today and this only being compatible with the Wii U & Wii U Fit game, I see this become irrelevant in 3... 2...
  • nintendo is always trying to push decades old tech on people and repackage it as new. *sigh*
  • My gamestop didn't have any.
  • I wish I didnt lose my pokewalker, It had my perfectly breed metagross on it.

  • This is exactly what the Wii U needs. Good job...
  • Really man nintendo sucks.
  • Make fun of me all you want, internet, but I'm stoked for Wii Fit U. Back before my Wii crashed, Wii Fit really helped me with my endurance and its aerobic exercises were entertaining enough to make me want to do them, unlike just listening to my iPod (I have Cystic Fibrosis, so aerobics are important in my exercise routine), and the yoga really helped reduce my anxiety and slightly helped with my depression. I'm excited to get back into this and use it to help with my fitness. I just people realized this isn't a substitute for a gym and really just serves as a stepping stone to getting you motivated towards maintaining a fit lifestyle.
  • I'm seriously wondering if they just used some leftover poke-walkers.

  • Downloaded Wii Fit U yesterday and have been giving it a go. My Mii looks nothing like me, as it is a "gray alien" instead. Right now, he's a sadly fat alien. I didn't realize my 20 extra pounds would so affect my appearance.

    The ex-wife bought Wii Fit and in true form for who she was (and typical lazy Americans), she bought it as if merely owning it was what would help her improve herself as I'm quite certain she never used it.

    This is not my first time with an exercise game. Even owning Wii Fit, I only used it about twice, but my girlfriend and I used EA Sports Active on the X360 with Kinect for about a month and a half or so. That game/program was "okay," but has some issues about it that I really don't care for.

    So I eagerly downloaded Wii Fit U on Friday and was promptly annoyed that the Fit Meter is not yet in stores for some reason, it's only available online. But, I'm looking to work Wii Fit U into my daily routine when I get home from work and so far, the set-up is superior to EA Sports Active.

    Comments from people about this "not being what the Wii U needs" are getting increasingly moronic. You guys will complain if Nintendo ignores the casual audience, and you'll complain if they make things for them, and you need to shut the hell up. Yes, Nintendo VERY BADLY NEEDS TO DEVELOP NEW IPS for the adult "core" gamer crowd, and yes, they need to stow Mario for a while, but they ALSO NEED TO CONTINUE MAKING THINGS LIKE WII FIT U, even if the strictly casual audience is largely gone.

    There have always been gamers and console owners who like and use games like these. Shut the hell up before we start assuming you're a bunch of lazy tubs.
  • Wait wait wait......Are you telling me that nintendo wasted it's time and money on a useless gimmicky device?...Nintendo did this? are you sure?
  • The Wii Fit U Meters are apparently sold out everywhere online and not in any stores.  What's the deal?