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Wii Party U

New Trailer Shows Off More Of Wii Party U's Minigame Selection

The latest trailer for Wii Party U showcases a number of new minigames that will appear in the game.

You'll see things like adventures in space, foosball, karate, alligator hopping, and hats. It's like Mario Party, but without the presence of all those pesky, loveable Nintendo characters. Wii Part U will be available on the Wii U later this month, and it will be sold with a Wii Remote Plus.

To check out more of Wii Party U's minigames, check out this trailer.

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  • This is going to bomb so hard. I can't think of anyone who wants this.
  • Is this an Eternal Darkness or Xenoblade sequel? Maybe a new Nintendo-helmed shooter franchise that the Wii U desperately needs as the only console maker without such a thing? Then no, this will not sell the Wii U to anyone. Nintendo themselves need to be in the mindset, right now, of making cutting-edge titles to sell the console. This is not it.
  • Mod


  • I'm just waiting for a Mario Party game with online play.
  • I can't wait to get this!!

  • Why can't Nintendo call this the Wii2 (and show the whole console and gamepad), and keep it Wi U in Japan?! People in USA would tell the difference from the original Wii.
  • Metroid Starfox Kirby 3d Pokemon console rpg New Earthbound New Paper Mario ect... all franchises that needed to be on the Wii U like... yesterday! but we get Wii Party U. The casual market is gone Nintendo! they are playing Candy Puzzle Saga Crap or whatever on their Ipads. Its only the core that are left. GIVE US GAMES.
  • So this is going to give Nintendo that big boost for the holidays aye, this will be one to watch for the holidays & see how this turns out. PS4 day 1 shipping  I'm out