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Super Mario 3D World

Super Mario 3D World Will Have Players Seeing Double

Mario and friends have a few new tricks up their sleeves, and they're going to need them. Nintendo revealed new information about Super Mario 3D World, including a new cherry powerup, and loads more.

We spied a ton of new gimmicks, enemies, and other tidbits during a gameplay video shown during Nintendo's latest Nintendo Direct.

Piranha plants popped up several times during the clip. In one underground section, players have to slink past the plant's spiny vines without getting poked. Another has players popping a dozing plant in the face to knock it backward, which grants them the space to move past. One of the coolest moments involving the snappy-faced creatures involved a tiny potted version, which could be picked up and held, and then used as an offensive item against anyone foolish enough not to get the heck out of the way.

Sporting equipment is another repeated theme, with shots of baseballs and soccer balls being tossed and kicked at enemies. Considering it's a Super Mario World game, that shouldn't be too surprising. You all remember Chargin' Chuck, right?

Some of the other items on display included a cherry, which splits Mario (or his friends) into smaller duplicates. Players them control them simultaneously. Even better, it builds off existing powerups, so if you picked up a fire flower before grabbing a cherry, both of your characters will be able to sling fireballs. We also spotted a canoe-like vehicle skidding on the snow, a red-ball-firing skull block, and a coin block that leaves trails of cash. Characters activate the latter two items by wearing them over their bodies, and you can see their little feet working beneath. Mario also appears to have picked up some stealth tricks from Solid Snake, hiding under the coin box amid a group of unsuspecting goombas.

The game looks great, and Nintendo is jazzing up the presentation in some surprising ways. One level is shot in silhouette, and the effect is striking.

For more information on Super Mario 3D World, check out our earlier preview on the game. Look for Super Mario 3D World on the Wii U on November 22.

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  • Nintendo convinced me during the Direct to buy this game on day one. I am very impressed and amazed by how GREAT this game looks and the dynamic gameplay. I felt the same sensation when I played Super Mario Land 3D on 3DS for the first time. Its a must buy for me.
  • Still tired of Mario.
  • I really was hoping for galaxy 3.
  • This looks fantastic. While I was like a lot of people and a bit disappointed that it wasn't Galaxy 3 at first, this has completely gotten me over that.  

  • That...actually impressed me.  

    Having seen this, I might be a little more excited for this than DCK:TF (an amendment to a comment I made on the DK article earlier).  If all those items are available to each player in multiplayer mode, I can see my living room turning into a beautiful madhouse in short order.

  • That was amazing. Making me wish I wasn't poor and could buy a Wii U.
  • This game looks really good. But I can't buy a Wii U now. :(

  • Why can't it be November 22nd already!? This game looks so good! I really want Super Mario 3D World! I absolutely loved Super Mario 3D Land (I think that it is better than the Galaxy series.) and have been waiting for a sequel to 3D Land since I finished the game in January 2012!

  • Pretty awesome looking hub world.

  • I admit it looks great, but I still hate the idea of the cat suit. It feels too silly, even for a crazy game like Mario. And did he really have to meow at the end? Creepy much?
  • Wow. I was already interested in this game, it being a 3D Land sequel and all, but now I'm really impressed. This looks to return to Mario's more creative 2D roots in the best ways possible.

  • I hate when they post pictures and don't reference them. Apparently the new princess we're rescuing is a little toad princess? I was personally hoping we'd be saving yoshi, given his absence from any image... it doesn't feel right to put "world" in a mario title and not add yoshi
  • Mod

    I am very impressed bu this! It looks like it's going to be great. I sure wish I had a Wii U!

  • I wasn't terribly excited about this game....until today. Honestly, that trailer sold me on the game. Yea, it might not have a new core mechanic like gravity in the Galaxy games, but the level design looks as fun and creative as ever. IMO, it's the most important part of a Mario title. There are some fresh ideas thrown in there, and it looks like a lot of fun to play. Needless to say, I no longer have doubts about this game. Then again, I should have expected nothing less from the Galaxy team.
  • Looks really cool. Cant wait for November 22.

  • Game looks amazing, will be buying this during the Holiday rush.

  • Game looks amazing, will be buying this during the Holiday rush.

  • I hope that music will not play during the game. If it does then i may have to mute the music and keep SFX on. Another must buy for the Wii U.

  • Nintendo seriously knows how to make their franchises fun. That looks like a blast!

  • omg...this is awesome,tubular,gnarly,groovy,way cool,funky......outrageousssssss
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