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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Launch Trailer Spoils The Story

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker released 10 years ago on GameCube, but that doesn't mean there aren't some players out there who haven't already experienced the game's story.

If you have been waiting to play the HD version of the game, or maybe just weren't of age to play when the original released, I wouldn't recommend watching the launch trailer below. Some major story moments are spoiled. If you know what to expect, though, and just want an excuse to see more of Wind Waker HD's gorgeous visuals – enjoy!

For Wii U eShop digital download players, The Wind Waker HD released yesterday. Those waiting for physical copies must wait until October 4. Be sure sure to heah here to read our review of Wind Waker's HD return, and here for our Test Chamber where we spend some time with the game on video.

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  • It'll be nice to play through this game again when I get a Wii U. Might wait till the new Smash Bros or another big title to get one though.

  • Never played but as a player of past Zelda games, I can guess it'll probably boil down to 3 people and a mystical artifact dealing with the number 3
  • Perhaps the worst part of the wait for my physical copy is that it only leaves me with one week before Pokemon ravenously consumes my free-time.

  • The feels. Oh, the feels.
  • I believe you mean "head here." Aside from that I remember trying to play this game when I was 7 maybe. Perhaps I was just dumb but I got stuck on like the third level or so, with the spotlights and castle, and never finished it.
  • I can't believe they would show some of that stuff in a trailer! C'mon, Nintendo. Be smarter than that!

  • Oh the spoilers weren't all that bad in that trailer, and the trailer itself was actually pretty fantastic. I loved Wind Waker (even though all my friends hated it), and this trailer makes me remember why I ignored all those naysayers back when it first came out. I may actually need to get a WiiU now :O!
  • Yeah they could definatly have done a better tralier then that without spoiling it..

  • I never played Wind Waker, but by any chance does it revolve around Link Ganondorf, Zelda and the Tri-Force? Does the trailer really spoil anything most people don't already know?
  • I think the question here is: do the people that haven't played the game can make out the story from the trailer? My cousin could not make out what the trailer was about, although he was interested to know why Link has a sister. He knows about the triforce, ganon, Zelda (without knowing her whereabouts) and he could not make out anything important from the trailer. So... only those who ventured the Windwaker in Gamecube are really getting shown what they went through and that they can venture it again in HD in the Wii U. Outside of that, people are still oblivious to it.
  • I'll pick it up, as I never played it due to not going with a Gamecube. Yet, no telling when I'll get to it with GTA 5 consuming all my gaming time. Especially since GTA Online will hit around it's release.

  • I find that most trailers now-a-days ruin things by giving too much away. None come to mind. The last movie I saw, i realized that the trailer spelled out the movie and its end, to a "t". It was kind of annoying, almost as annoying as not remembering what the movie was. Obviously not a memorable one. Also most things these days are highly formulaic and predictable, it's kind of why I turn to foreign films since they're usually good for a twist. They also don't mind covering twisted and what we in the states would call touchy topics, like "Martyre", or "Guinea Pig II: Flowers of Flesh & Blood".

  • anyone who doesnt know the story by playing this game or atleast doesnt know anyone who know the ending of this game isnt a real gamer and should have there gamer card taken away

  • Mod

    Man, it looks great! It makes me want to pull out my Gamecube and play it again.

  • What spoilers?

  • Whoop thanks for that :3

  • I loved this game, but Majoras mask is still my favorite.
  • One of my biggest regrets was never getting to play this game. I will get to experience this version as my first. It will be a nice birthday gift for me to myself.

  • Thanks for the warning. When I saw Links face on the article I almost skipped the title and watched the video. I can't wait to get this on opening day for my birthday and play it for the first time.

  • [snip]
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