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The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD

Learn About Hero Mode In The Latest Trailer

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD has quite a few changes from the original GameCube release, one of which is Hero mode, which is basically Nintendo's way of saying hard mode.

In Hero mode, enemies do twice the damage, and recovery hearts do not appear in the wild from chopped grass, enemies, or pots. It's pretty straightforward what Hero mode is, but in case you are still confused, Nintendo has created a trailer that offers three different examples of enemies doing twice the damage, and the lack of recovery hearts. Nintendo does love to over-explain. On the plus-side, we get to see some new Wind Waker HD footage.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD is coming to Wii U on October 4. Nintendo is offering a special Wii U Wind Waker bundle on that date as well.

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  • I so want a Wii U.
  • Prepare to die...

    Oh, you're playing dark souls?

    Nope, Wind Waker HD.

  • I want it now!!!

  • Sounds fantastic, I'll definitely have to get this eventually. Hopefully they start incorporating something like this into all future Zelda games.
  • I CAN'T WAIT TO PLAY THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I found the Mirror Quest from Ocarina of Time to be just as easy as the regular quest after getting it in my head that the maps were mirrored. This might not be much of a challenge either, but then again, I never got to finish Wind Waker on the Gamecube, my dad took over the game after getting addicted to it and before I knew it, Twilight Princess came out.

  • meh. A hard mode plus a few updated sections is not enough to get me excited to rebuy a game I played 10 years ago. Good for people who never played the game I supposed, but a real master quest would have got me a little excited.
  • Sounds cool enough, I'll be sticking with normal mode first though.
  • Mod
    That's a pretty cheap and lazy way to do a "Hard/Hero" mode.
  • Where do I find the time to play all these games. Someone make me a Doc Oct suit.

  • Game is beautiful

  • I don't understand how a HD remake is such a big deal. Especially for Wind waker. I mean the style of the game doesn't really scream good graphics. I mean you can even get this game for free with a decent pc and a gamecube emulator. And I bet anyone who liked this game kept it and the gamecube or has a wii. idk, its just beyond my comprehension i guess.
  • Would have been better if they implemented this on Twilight Princess, since the easy a dirt combat was the only thing that held that game back for me.

  • Wind Waker has such a good soundtrack. Fits the game perfectly.

  • im getting this

  • sold!

  • The American box-art is just atrocious with its sickly orange color, but love the look of the game itself. Beautiful.
  • Mod

    I'm glad they are implementing Hero mode on this Zelda too!

  • Hero mode is cool and all, but there is no real reason for it unless you want a challenge. I always like challenges for sweet rewards. Like Witcher on Dark Mode, you get special weapons you couldn't get normally. Skyward sword had a pretty lame bonus for playing hero mode. Hopefully wind waker makes Hero Mode worth playing through.
  • I remember playing this when I was younger but I was never any good at it, I kept getting stuck at the part where you had to get a bird's feather or something from the top of a mountain. If only I had a WiiU...

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