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Splinter Cell: Blacklist

Ubisoft Breaks Down The Wii U Advantage For Splinter Cell Blacklist

Along with offering a lengthy, mostly uninterrupted sampling of Blacklist gameplay, this Splinter Cell video also details some of the differences for the Wii U version of the game.

The video shows that inventory selection is allocated to the GamePad for touch selection, and how items like the video footage from the Tri Rotor remote control airship and sticky cameras show up on the GamePad.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist releases on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and Wii U on Tuesday, August 20. Head here to read our very positive review.

[Source: Ubisoft]

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  • Wow...I just cancelled my PS4 and have now ordered a WiiU......just kidding.

  • Not something that is going to make me purchase the Wii u, but it's a neat little thing to take advantage of.

  • I'm happy to hear the Wii U will have another decent game in it's line-up, they need it. The game looks amazing!

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  • While it's unfortunate that they dropped the offline co-op for some reason, it's nice to see Ubisoft as one of the least lazy publishers these days. Now, we only need the Nintendo fanboys to start buying 3rd party games and the system will be fine. I'll be getting this for the Wii U.
  • Looks cool. I still cant decide if I want to get this on the Wii U or 360. I love getting achievements lol but I want to play it on Wii U.

  • I own a Wii U but the problem is who am I going to play it with? People are going to want to play this one the One or 4 not the U.
  • I'll be receiving this in the mail tomorrow. Decided to get it for Wii U since I don't really have anyone to play couch co-op with anyways at the moment.

  • I have Ps3 and Xbox and buy for Wii U WHEN there are features like this, especially off screen play and to support 3rd party dev.  However, I bought my kid Infinity today so there goes my budget for this game, and too much coming out soon with W101, New Luigi and I'm still barely denting the surface on Pikmin.  Maybe on a black friday dealio.

    Anyone who says there aren't enough games for Wii U is just misinformed at this point.