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Pikmin 3

Watch Today's Nintendo Direct Here And See Bingo Battle In Action

A new stage for Pikmin 3's Bingo Battle was revealed today. The twelve different stages can each be played in three variations.

In the Direct presentation below, you'll see the head-to-head mode in action. Different strategies are in play, including a Pikmin rush, a quick rush for items, and kill-stealing. For more information, check out our E3 preview of Pikmin 3.

Pikmin 3 arrives on August 4, 2013. It will be in a number of Gamestop locations to try soon. If you purchase a digital copy at Gamestop, you'll get access one day early.

Full disclosure: Game Informer is owned by Gamestop.

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  • I love surprise Nintendo Directs! :D
  • I just paid off my copy of Pikmin 3 yesterday!

  • Nintendo Direct? what the heck? lol. didn't hear anything about this one. Nintendo usually gives a warning at least a day in advance.

  • I laughed at the wonderful101 part so much that it hurt.

  • I know where I plan on going this weekend. I can't wait for pikmin 3! I also really want to play earthbound on wiiu.

  • PIKMIN 3!!! Also Dream Team and Wonderful 101.