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Pikmin 3

Meet Pikmin 3's New Playable Travelers In The Latest Trailer

The latest trailer for Pikmin 3 shows off the new playable characters in the game, Captain Charlie, Alph, and Brittany.

These new alternate characters don't offer new abilities or powers, but rather let you cover more ground, and do things like throw one another to higher ground, or hold open doors so they can allow each other to pass through. You can find out more about about playing with the new characters by heading here.

For more on Pikmin 3, click the links to learn more about the gameplay and the Pikmin themselves. Captain Olimar was also recently announced for the new Super Smash Bros. game.

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  • Can't wait to see Nintendo's newest IP!

  • The 'Stache on that green one is amazing!
  • I have mine preordered and I'm so excited! :D One of my favorite Nintendo series, hands down.

  • Should be pretty cute :3

  • I've waited over five years for this game.

  • This... is... gonna... be... great!!!

  • pnf-404, nice one Nintendo
  • Red Pikmin is all like, sexy pose! BTW, Charlie's gonna be my main man.

  • I've waited nearly a stinking decade for this. Woohooooooooo!!!! I'm throwing my money at Nintendo already!

  • ohh

  • "Help them explore PNF-404"? This game would be 1000x better if they were exploring SR388 instead :) Amirite, old school Nintendo fans? Someone will get that reference.
  • So, will Pikmin 4 feature four characters?

  • I've always wanted to play this series, but something about it always seemed too difficult. I know that this and the rest of the series is grand, but it looks hard...even for kids, and I'm 17. I feel pathetic. I'll give this game a try, and I shall refuse to sell it. I HOPE FOR THE BEST!
  • man i am excited for this game. i really like pikmin. hopefully it will be a banger.

  • MORE colors

  • Awesome :D