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Pikmin 3

New Pikmin 3 Trailer Showcases New Bugs In High-Definition

Pikmin 3 looks better and better every time we see it. It turns out Nintendo and high-definition graphics make a fantastic partnership.

You won't see a lot of new content in the trailer, but it's nice to see some straight gameplay, and it looks great. For more on Pikmin 3, which releases on August 4, you can check out the game's E3 trailer.

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  • Mod
    One of my most anticipated games. I can't wait. I love the art style.

    Edit: That thing at the end is nightmare fuel.
  • 19 days to go. This game still looks great.

  • It looks bloody gorgeous. I hope this gives us a good idea about what Nintendo has in store for us as far as HD games are concerned. Based on what I've seen from Mario Kart 8, X, Bayonetta 2 and Wind Waker HD, my eyes are going to melt with joy over the next few months/years.
  • This looks more next gen than most PS4 and Xbone titles. I love it!
  • I'm definitely asking for this for my Birthday! It's going to be so much FUN!!!
  • Is it the 26th yet? :-\
  • i wonder if the Purple, white, and bulbmin will reappear :/
  • i've never played pikmin but it does look kind of fun

  • This is one of my main reasons for picking up a Wii U.
  • time 4 a trailer

  • First WiiU game that I'm genuinely excited to go over to my neighbors house and play. His kid is going to have to go play outside or something
  • This game has a lot of bugs.
  • It's... so... beautiful!!! I want it!

  • Interested, though I have no experience with Pikmin.
  • This game need monkeys and gorillas!!

  • Okay. I will buy a WiiU in the future. Maybe in two years or so. When I have the cash.

  • when you said "bugs" I thought of errors, not arthropods

  • If it was an Assassin's Creed trailer, I would've been afraid that the bugs would've been the glitchy kind. (*burn!*) In any case, I am loving everything about this game. The graphics, the cool new bosses, the new Pikmin. . . August will be a busy gaming month for moi.

  • This looks pretty cool. Too bad I never got into Pikmin. Makes me want to check it out.

  • Looks beautiful.

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