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Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo's Brawler Moves To WiiU, 3DS In 2014 (Trailer Added)

Nintendo announced a brand-new Super Smash Bros. title headed to both its Wii U home console and 3DS handheld at its Nintendo Direct presentation this morning. Two challengers enter the ring for the first time in the next Smash Bros., but you can expect more competition to select NES-era Mega Man than Animal Crossing’s Villager.

Nintendo did not elaborate on the relationship between the two versions of the game, though one part of the cinematic trailer it showed had Mario shedding his low-res form to take on his high-def Wii U appearance. This could imply some kind of cross-platform play, but it would be unusual for a company to tease such a feature without coming out and saying it exists if indeed it does.

The Villager from Animal Crossing deployed a number of adorable attacks in the video, bashing rivals with potted plants, chopping trees down, and carving holes in the ground with a shovel.

Mega Man called on the aid of his trusty robot dog Rush, and also summoned the powers of many NES-era Robot Masters in battle. The Mega Buster is front and center in his arsenal, but you can look forward to calling on Metal Blade and much more. The weapons shown include:

  • Metal Blade
  • Crash Bomb
  • Leaf Shield
  • Hard Knuckle
  • Flame Sword
  • Slash Claw
  • Flame Blast

Nintendo also announced that the official site and Miiverse community for Super Smash Bros. is open as of the end of the Nintendo Direct presentation, so you can go chat with fellow enthusiasts there if our comment section below isn’t enough for you.

Super Smash Bros. is set for a 2014 release on both Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

Visit our E3 News Headquarters for all the stories from the show.

  • A large release window but looks so much like what i love i dont care.

  • That Mega Man introduction kicks serious butt.
  • I want Zero. Or Dr. Wily and his mustache of DOOM!!!!!!!
  • Pretty excited right now. I wonder if Sonic or Snake might return.

  • megaman should have been in smash from the start of all of the third party characters out there he is the one I wanted the most.
  • These are stage's i've found. Spirit Train (Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks) Skyloft (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword) Arena (Punch Out!!) Town (Animal Crossing) Wily's Castle (Megaman) Hyrule Field (Ocarina of Time) Also levels from Nintendogs, fire emblem, Donkey Kong, and new super mario bros. Basically: Pure hype.
  • one word MEGAMAN!
  • This trailer was amazing! It was pretty good, but then they pulled the SSBB Snake card and revealed Mega Man after it seemed like everything was over. Then you see him put his helmet up and Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2 starts playing. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS GAME!@!!!!!
  • I'm starting to want a Wii U. All they need now is a side-scroller Metroid and I'll have to buy one. Even Metroid Prime 4 would be amazing awesome!
  • If the livestream wasn't god-awful, I'd have been able to properly watch the video for it...
  • So happy this is coming to 3DS. I'm not quite ready to invest in a Wii U, and probably won't be until the new Zelda is announced, so to have a version of the game I can play without one is a great thing.
  • The weird thing is just the other day I was thinking about how the playable character from Animal Crossing would fight in a Smash Bros game. Seeing Mega Man appear in the trailer was the highlight of Nintendo's Direct for me.
  • I really need a 3ds now.

  • Day.



    Hype GET!
  • My body is ready for another Smash Bros.
  • Yeahowza!
  • Ahhh my gawd!! SUPER SMASH BROS.!!!!! IF THIS GAME GETS DELAYED 15 TIMES LIKE BRAWL I WON'T EVEN CARE!!! Megaman sorta looks like a toddler...
  • Looks like I'm going to buy a Wii U during 2014.

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