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Batman: Arkham Origins

Batman: Arkham Origins Screenshots

Game Informer subscribers have already gotten an eyeful of Batman's new prequel game, Arkham Origins. Now it's time to spread the love to everyone on the Internet.

Browse through the gallery below for big, beautiful screens of the Dark Knight working over the bad guys. Also, get in-game looks at villains Deathstroke and Black Mask.

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  • Looks really good. These are some great stills. Can't wait to see it in action.

  • This is going to be epic, hope to see a trailer soon.
  • would have liked to have seen a different costume to show it was his early years, less armour maybe i dont know, just make him look more like a rookie then the badass he becomes

  • No way in hell these are actual in-game, in-engine screenshots. They might be the PC version, but they've still been highly doctored.
  • In the mag the city looks the same as AC, like they just sprinkled a little holiday cheer all over. Still eager for it though! BRING ON THE BAT!
  • Allright i just have six more months to wait.

  • these pictures are in the latest magazine. Hopefully it won't get delayed cause I really need another Batman game to explore and get lost in!

  • And with graphics like this people are telling me that we need Next-Gen? Okay. Yeah right.


  • I'm sorry, but those are not screen shots.
  • Looks pretty good.  And its a Batman game so I'm definitely interested.

  • I am really excited for this game. I know Rocksteady isnt making it but I have faith it will be good.

  • Ummmmmm Rocksteady.

  • awesome really looking forward to the game

  • It looks nice, interested in seeing how the developers branch out from Rocksteady.


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  • The enemies in this game are a great choice, and I think that the story line is going to be one of the best in the Batman series. Now we just need more playable characters to be reviled and we got a 10/10 game!

  • I will wait patiently for more information, but it will be difficult.  Looks really good.

  • Yeah, unless you're me and you renewed subscription apparently warranted being sent the already old Thief magazine article instead.