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Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director's Cut

Becoming Adam Jensen In Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director's Cut For Wii U

Developer Eidos Montreal is touting that the Wii U's Deus Ex: Human Revolution – Director's Cut is the definitive version of the 2011 title.

Publisher Square Enix says the game is "coming soon," but no exact reelase date has been given.

Among many additions, the Director's Cut features re-worked boss battles, improved graphics, AI, and balancing, the ability to throw back grenades, director's commentaries, and new GamePad features. The latter puts hacking, your radar, the sniper scope, inventory, and other actions onto the GamePad.

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  • Ok

  • "the ability to throw back grenades" WHOA. Joking aside...I did always want this game...maybe this is a reason to get it...if it isn't $60.
  • This is kind of unfortunate.
  • Oh that is quite nice looking.
  • I will be buying this for sure

  • So are they going to add the new features to the other versions or is it just the WII that's getting them?
  • Even though I don't have a wii U i'm going to buy this one 'cause Square Enix has expected to sell 10 million copies of this one.

  • What's up with that guy's voice.

  • This is making me want to get it a second time...
  • As I have said before, Deus Ex: Wii Uman Revolution!
  • Nice. If they get it out in May like Amazon listed before (the date has since been removed), it would make for a decent month for the Wii U.

  • I wanted an excuse for a non-lethal playthrough (beat 360 version), I guess I am going to expand my Wii U collection to 3 games...

  • Gimme a release date and I'll get it!

  • Wow, they have my 2011 GotY and make it look like a lackluster port with a single trailer. I'm curious to see what's really different though.
  • I own this game on PC and 360, but I love it so much that I may get the upgraded version for Wii U. It is, in my opinion, the best stealth game ever made.

  • Yeah! Screw the original fans!

  • "...Now with satisfying ending sequences!"

    *wakes up*

  • Great trailer. And some interesting features, additions and changes. This might be worth a pick up.

  • Its good to see the game get more love and hopefully more gamers that buy and play it. Whatever will work to help the dev team to make another stellar Deus Ex game.

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