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Pikmin 3

Nintendo Direct Presentation Offers New Pikmin 3 Footage

As part of Nintendo's Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation, new footage from Pikmin 3 was shown off. You can find the whole presentation here, but YouTube channels like GameXplain have already pulled the Pikmin 3 sequence out for our viewing pleasure.

Check it out below, and look out for Pikmin 3 in the Spring.

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  • that crab looks nasty... poor little pikmin

  • This is one beautiful game. I cannot wait for this to come out!!!
  • I bet this game will sell well in Wisconsin, where Pikmin are not allowed to unionize.
  • only reason to buy a wii u
  • Guys, if you want something to appease your Pikmin lust, try Nintendoland out. Has a couple hours of Pikmin-like gameplay.
  • Can't wait! This game looks gorgeous, and I definitely love Pikmin. I had a blast with all the Pikmin stuff on Nintendoland.
  • So what I don't see anything mind blowing here
  • im not mutch for cute and cudly games... but this actually looks quite fun.

  • Nintendo has officially taken my money with this trailer. Seriously though.

  • It looks great. Too bad I don't have a Wii U

  • I've had this pre-ordered for months. I can't wait.
  • I want this so badly. They better give us a definitive release date soon.

  • Mod

    run you cute pikmin run!

  • Wow...I don't know how Myamoto pulls it off but you can always feel the magic when playing/watching one of his games.

  • I don't know how Nintendo does it but they can do a whole new Nintendo direct and not offer one single second of new information. Not a single new game tease. Ninty: Guess what guys!? Pikmin 3 is still coming out in Spring and it still looks amazing!!! Lego City Stories still looks great and is still coming out early next year!!! We also have Game and Wario coming out "early" next year!!! Me: Oh yeah? What are the release dates? What about Wonderful 101? What about Monster Hunter HD? Both of these games are supposed to be in your 4 and half month "launch window." Ninty: (laughs) Why would you want to know that? Me: (baffled)
  • So looking forward to this. I was always fascinated by the fauna in the Pikmin universe.

  • one of the reasons why I want Wii U! wahaha!

  • Pikmin 3 is gonna be awesome!

  • What a giant steaming pile of suck this webcast was. If Nintendo is trying to recapture a portion of the core gamer audience, then don't go out announcing big webcasts with new game information and feed us a bunch of "this game is coming but we won't tell you when" bull. Very discouraging.

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