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"Hell Is Just Around The Corner" In Latest ZombiU Dev Diary

This latest developer diary for the ZombiU game doesn't just show the game's geographical inspiration – London, but it also explores some of the game's characters and the man who foresaw the zombie apocalypse centuries ago.

The events of ZombiU are fictionalized around the apocalyptic visions of real-life 16th century mathematician, astrologer, and occultist John Dee. In the game, Dee's Black Prophecy appears to have come true, and a stalwart band of survivors are helping the character as they search for the same cure Dee sought centuries ago.

ZombiU is a Wii U launch-day game, and will hit on November 18.

Also check out the first developer diary, here.

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  • I cant wait for ZombiU this looks so good :D

  • This game is the only reason I would even consider a WiiU...but I'll most likely never buy one sooooo, yeah.
  • I think this game will give the "survival horror" people are crying about missing in Resident Evil 6 (biohazrd 6). I am not sure if it is a system seller, but maybe if it reaches enough critical acclaim, it will help. Personally, I think ZombieU, Mario and Lego City undercover are going to do the best out of all the WiiU Launch Titles.

    Call of Duty people will probably continue to play them on the system they are comfortable with. I don't know many consumers who exclusively own a wii, so all the recycled games or sequels to existing titles available on other systems seems like a tough sell. Why SHOULD they switch? Give us some reasons, nintendo.... please.

  • Mod
    I didn't realize they'd put so much into the setting, plot, and characters. Not that I don't appreciate it - the London interiors look especially compelling - but from the gameplay footage I'd seen up to now, I was expecting ZombiU to be more of a free exploration roguelike with a really skeletal setting.

    I'm concerned about how their focus on narrative will affect the gameplay. I'm hoping they don't force linearity for the sake of narrative, but I also don't want an empty, lifeless open world and a narrative strung together by linear fetch quests (Dead Island). If they can maintain an open world that encourages exploration while still providing enough direction and pressure on the player to drive the narrative, I think this might be a hit. I'll probably enjoy it, anyway.

    Despite how people say the gaming market is oversaturated with zombie games, there still hasn't been a zombie game that successfully captures the sense of danger and desperate survival that characterizes the zombie apocalypse archetype (not even DayZ or No More Room In Hell or Project Zomboid, though they come close). I doubt ZombiU will, either, but it seems like it might come the closest out of anything to date.
  • Is anyone else getting tired of the creepy ads with the bearded guys for some shirt company? sorry, off subject, I think this game looks promising but like most nintendo games you can never really tell until it releases. All games are good in theory, but they need to prove themselves.

  • This is the one Wii U launch title that truly looks next gen.Sorry new super Mario bros U but between the deluxe Wii U I pre ordered and zombi U I will have to wait to pick you up when my wallet recovers.

  • anyone else think the animations look rough? (yes, i know zombies have stiff animations, but i'm referring to the overall animations.)
  • Glad to see there may be an interesting story to go with this game. By everything they had shown before I hadn't expected anything so deep. Can't wait to give this game a shot.
  • I've been wondering, can you run out of characters to switch to by dying way to many times? Or is that just a game over and you start over? Or is there a massive random character creator that kicks in after you die?

  • Yeah, after RE:6 failed on me... This might be the best Zombie apocalypse game since L4D.
  • November 18 just isn't coming soon enough.

    I guess I could finish Mass Effect 3 first...

    And Transformers Fall of Cybertron.

    (and XcCOM)

  • 1) name of this game is lame.. ZombieU...really? they could´nt come up with something that sounded better? 2) Why is the women in this trailer saying John D.. when it really is John Doe? she´s got glasses ffs.. and she cant read the telepromter? 3) If the voice overs in this game are like the fellow singing in the trailer,the game is gonna be really annoying to listen to. Other than that.. the game seems abit Meh! to me.. maybe pick it up,when it eventually goes on sale.
  • I think I'm even more excited for this game! I like that there will be some kind of mystery to solve/uncover.
  • Day 1 purchase.

  • Of course hell is just around the corner, if by hell you mean Ubisoft patented over-priced DLC that includes missions that may or may not matter at all.

  • sweet

  • Game does look great

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