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Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge Screens Are Very Bloody

Man, Ryu, have you ever considered meditation? Or therapy?

The latest in Tecmo Koe's long-running Ninja Gaiden series, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge, is being ported to Nintendo's Wii U as a launch title. However, the crew at Team Ninja have added a few enhancements to this version, including touch screen functions that allow you to select weapons, execute Ninpo, and see more in-game information. There will now be three Ninpo types and six weapons types, to make combat a deeper experience. The enemy AI (not the game's strong suit) is also being improved.

Oh, and the game is still violent...really, really violent.

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  • Unless this version is actually difficult I shall, not buy this.

  • Come on. Now spam bots are getting first comments

  • I dont expectt anything else

  • This gives new meaning to the term "Bloody Hell" lol

  • I look forward to seeing Dan's reaction to this game.  When he reviewed it seemed he wished there were more Ninpo and weapon options.  Will be interesting if the score improves.

  • just another day in the office?

  • So...much...blood.

  • hell yea we can slice people in half i thought they werent doing that on the other versions

  • Wait I'm confused is the wiiU version actually going to be good, not like the other one

  • Let's hope they do some sort of a port to the other console(s). NG3 really disappointed me. You couldn't even slice people in half anymore! Not realistic and a bit childish, considering NG2 had it all right in the combat.

  • Wait so Wii u gets all the choping of peoples limbs apart but they were to lazy enough not to give it to xbox 360 and Ps3!!!!!! Screw you team ninja

  • i dislike when people say owww bloody game unless your bloodmage no one cares.

  • i might buy this game.

  • No multiplayer?

  • That's a lot of blood...

  • Mod

    so its the same as the other versions.