It's August. For most, at least in the western hemisphere, it's the hottest time of the year - Hated by some, regarded with disdain by many, wished to pass by most. I, on the other hand, look forward to August each year. With the month, come trivial things such as re-starting marching band or returning to school; wearing shorts and t-shirts, conversing with friends.


The largest factor in my optimism towards the eighth month of year is the fact that it's the month of my birthday: August the twentieth, to be more precise. Sure, it's still a very trivial ordeal, and it's possible to say that it's even selfish of me to bring it up. However, it makes for good conversation, when in need of finding something to talk about.


Perhaps I shouldn't really say that I struggle with desire. Nay, that's counter-acted by the fact that I want around fifteen different games by the end of the year. Rather, my problem is that I battle with myself when trying to find things that I would realistically ask of family and friends when they're searching for their arbitrary gifts.


Do I ask for every video game I would like? No, sixty dollars is a lot to spend on one person - Normally no one other than my immediate family would extend far enough to pay that much. Do I ask for some electronic gadget that I don't have yet? My conscious screams no, given that those are normally even more expensive than games. What else, then? I've come up with some ideas, and have included things that I don't want to ask of people, even if it is too much. That's right; four paragraphs to introduce a birthday wish-list.



Laptop Cooling Pad

I use my laptop relatively often. Yeah, I did just go through a month where I remained relatively detracted from the internet, but that doesn't stop me from playing and viewing media to my heart's content. Games such as Batman: Arkham City, Minecraft, and demanding programs such as Finale for creating music tack on a lot of required processing power on my beast of a little laptop - You can see how that's a problem when using the hardware for extended periods of time. The CPU, GPU, and all the other various components have a tendency to want to heat up to incredible heats while powering through the many programs I open. A laptop cooling pad (or even a fan) would be nice, offering extra ergonomic support for typing, while keeping my PC at a comfortable and cool temperature. Even better, is that you can find one for twenty dollars.


Comic Books

I haven't even brought up the thought of comic books to anyone as of yet, but it seems like a good one to throw out there. After recently (meaning one month ago) going on a trip to splurge on several graphic novels, I feel like it's time for some more. Spider-Man Blue, Ultimate Spider-Man Collections, Deadpool novels, or perhaps the latest and greatest of the New 52 Batman series would all be great additions to my measly endeavor. Not to mention, new graphic novels sell at the lowest price of fifteen dollars, with forty being the highest I've seen.


Acoustic Guitar

I know what you may be thinking - "An acoustic guitar? Those can cost hundreds of dollars! What a ridiculous request to ask of somebody". Yes, most do cost a rather uncomfortable amount of money. Despite this, I happened to discover only a week ago that Best Buy carries one or two guitars in the music section of their store. Coming in at eighty dollars, featuring a beginner's full-sized acoustic and fifty lessons to get me started, it seems like a good investment for something that I am genuinely interested in dedicating time in to. What kind of musician would I be if I could only play one instrument?


Charge & Play Kit

When I had visited Best Buy with my small family, I was encouraged to browse the store for things that I may be interested in receiving for my birthday. It became a difficult and unsuccessful trip the game section when I had thought that I didn't need anything else for my games that wasn't an actual... y'know... Game. How would of thought, I ran into those little buggers that recharge your controller. Given that I've had to bug my mother to go out and purchase a new set of batteries every once in a while, it has seemed like a good idea to finally relieve both her and I of that nagging problem.


iPod Touch

I asked my parents for an iPod Nano four years ago. I have faithfully frequented its use since then - More recently, every day. Now it seems like I can't go three hours without pulling out my iPod and listening to a quick song. Back then sixteen gigabytes of storage seemed like a load that could never be filled. In fact, it's taken four years to fill it to the brim. But that's the problem, right there - I need more disk space. It wouldn't hurt to make a step-up in terms of hardware, and a dramatic upgrade of either thirty-two or sixty-four gigabytes would be welcome. Only other problem is that Apple is known for being very pricey with its products... This wish doesn't seem very viable.


Darksiders II

I have never played the first Darksiders, save five minutes with the original's demo. Even with virtually no prior experience to the game whatsoever, THQ is doing a pretty darn good job at telling me why I should play this game. I've been on the edge with it, and won't actually purchase the game myself. Sadly, the $120 I have saved up is safely stashed away in reserve for Halo 4 and Borderlands 2. I could see myself really enjoying this game, and due to my girlfriend's constant nagging for feedback on what I want for my birthday, this is what I asked for. She's saved up $200 dollars for me (bless her heart), and I don't want to take too much out of that stockpile if I don't have to. After all, it's either this, or...


A Pillow Pet

No, this was not asked for by me. This is the ultimatum that I've been given by my girlfriend. I either ask for something that I'm genuinely interested in for my birthday, or she will buy me a "cute" pillow pet. Sure, they're not bad by any means (truthfully I wouldn't mind owning one), but I'd much rather have something I want, in comparison to this. A Pillow Pet sells for around twenty or thirty dollars or so.




That's all I can think of, and I don't think I'm interested enough in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron enough to ask for it the day after my birthday... Maybe I should just ask for one million dollars and see where that puts me.



~ GoldvsSilver