Hey all. For many, I've been mysteriously absent in the last... Month or so. Possibly more than that. Summer has made me lazy, and I haven't managed to focus on anything truly productive, other than sleeping, eating, and playing video games. Honestly, I'm not very proud of how I've spent the majority of the last thirty-or-so days, but it has been a nice time of... Staying clear from the internet, you could say.


Hopefully, with marching band and the addition of actual responsibility on my plate in the near future (It started today, actually), I'll focus enough to be a good, contributing member once again. Until then, I sincerely apologize for those who I have inconsiderately left in the dark without any notice whatsoever.


Otherwise, I merely only wanted to showcase something that I am particularly proud of: I replicated my home in Minecraft. In the new 1.3 patch added by Mojang recently, a lot of opportunity to expand decorative realism and more closely resemble real buildings have risen. The addition of allowing top-half slabs and stairs for nearly every viable surface are welcome additions, especially.


Anyways, I don't know what to add on in word form to keep this at an acceptable length. With that, for those who are interested, feel free to check out the video below, to view my beautiful home and hear my beautiful voice (I apologize for the low-quality built-in microphone).



Again, thanks for watching (if you did, that is). I'll try to get back into more regular updates and the such in the future. Until then...



~ GoldvsSilver