Let's just get this clear: The Legend of Zelda isn't perfect. Though its pros are obviously noticable for me and many others, there are things in the franchise that are just not up to par in terms of Zelda standards. For the past 12 day, I've spent time talking about all the good in the series, so why not recognize stuff it did wrong also? This list will cover ALL aspects of the Zelda series, whether it be bosses, dungeons, missions, or anything in between. Also, this is my opinion ( especially for #1). If you like some of the stuff on this list, good for you. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.


Number 5...

The Imprisoned- Skyward Sword

Ok, I gotta admit it. The first time the Imprisoned comes out, it's a decent fight. When I first met The Imprisoned I thought to myself "OH MY GIDDY AUNT WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING?!?! AGHH LOOK AT ITS TEETH CHRIST HELP ME!!!" He looks terryfing and silly at the same time! how do you manage that? Defeating this guy is a race. You feel constantly under pressure as time is ticking down till he gets to the temple, and ends the world ( Not my kind of boss battle, sadly).  A real cool feature, though, is the variety of ways you can defeat him. You can hack at the toes or fly onto his head or perhaps bomb the crap out of him. There is a real strategic element to it, but they all end the same way bashing an ancient spike into his head. Swinging your sword to match the symbol to seal him up is pretty neat too. But... He comes out a second time. I didn't want to face him second time. But with my stellar forgiveness, I accepted his challenge once again (except it was ten times harder).... Did I mention he comes out a third time? Yeah, the things that were cool about him disappeared... Fast.



Number 4...

Triforce Chart Hunt- Wind Waker

Can a mission possibly get more tedious than this? In this part of the game, you find there's somebody on Windfall Island that you needed to break out of jail... Why the heck am I helping a prisoner break out of jail? Didn't he do something wrong? Isn't that WHY he's in jail, in the first place? Think about it. Anyways, He man you help break out is none other than Tingle. Once you've broken him out of jail, wait a few days, and you get a letter from him, telling you that he's hidden eight triforce charts, telling you where the triforce shards are located... Why couldn't he just give you the Triforce charts? Ok, so after going all around the world (literally) getting the triforce charts, it turns out that you can't read them! Ok, so, Tingle is the one who hid them; maybe he knows how to read them. So, you need to find Tingle. Located on a colorful, yet creepy island, Tingle says he can help you decipher them if you pay 3,000 rupees for all eight charts... FOR REAL? No discount for breaking him out jail, either. In my eyes, Tingle is now crowned King of Cheap- asses. Once he deciphers them for you, more sailing around the whole blasted map... At that point, I really didn't want the Triforce anymore.


Number 3...

Escort Mission- Twilight Princess

Like I've said in my other countdowns, Twilight Princess is one of the easiest Zelda game to beat. With the exception of a few dungeons, the game is pretty easy to breeze through. Of course the Statue Puzzle was challenge, but in a good way... Unlike the escort mission right before the third dungeon. Do a favor for not only the Zora Queen, but his dear friend Llia as well, Link must escort the injured Zora prince Ralis to Kakariko by horse carriage. Sounds simple? Far from it. See since one of the bridges in Hyrule are broken, Link must go the long, Bokoblin infested way... And, boy. Is it tedious. Whether it's the Bokoblins lighting the carriage on fire or a bird dropping a bomb on the carriage to divert it off course, there's no possible way to have a straight and safe trip on the way to Kakariko.


Number 2...

Death Mountain- Adventure of Link

At the other end of the difficulty spectrum, we have Adventure of Link, probably the hardest game in the franchise, Death Mountain being proof. With difficult enemies and dead ends everywhere put to screw you over, this maze is arguably the most unforgiving part in the entire game, and that's saying. Don't get me wrong, I love difficulty, but I just don't want to get stressed over a video game, especially ones that I love. Enough said.


And Number 1...

Temple of the Ocean King- Phantom Hourglass

I hate time limits in games. It's not that I suck at games with time limits, I just don't enjoy them. I understand it's another tool developers use to challenge us, but... Anyways, It's not just time limits I hate about the Temple of the Ocean King; it's also the fact that you must go through the stupid temple over and over and over again. I hated it enough the first time! Why are you making me go through it again? Also, along with your time limit, you have to be stealthy in order to sneak past giant guardians. How fast can you sneak? ... Great premise, Temple of the Ocean King. You have now become the most frustrating thing in the Zelda franchise.




Dishonorable Mention:

Water Temple- Ocarina of Time

The only reason this mind strain of a temple didn't come in 5th is because I already ranted about it in the Top 5 Hardest Puzzles in Zelda list.


What's a thing you think is frustrating in the Zelda series? Comment below and thanks for reading!