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The 10 Most Underrated Games Of This Generation

The number of underrated games are unfathomable. Either these games can be underrated because they received negative reviews from critics, many more popular games that released the same time they did stole the spotlight, or they could have a certain aspect some people disapproved of. Whatever the case is, this can cause games to be overlooked. I am confused by this because most of these games have plenty to offer in terms of innovation, some are even better than the leading titles. These ten are games that I believe shouldn't have been overlooked in the first place.


Number 10...

Animal Crossing City Folk:

Sure this game is a lot like it's predecessors, but it's still damn fun.  There's just  so much to do, and for only 20 bucks.


Number 9...

Rhythm Heaven:

Unlike Guitar Hero or Rock Band, this is not your average music game. It involves tapping and flicking the touch screen to the rhythm of the crazy scenarios. This game is a blast and incredibly addictive, especially if you're looking for a challenge.


Number 8...

Kirby's Canvas Curse:

How is the best Kirby adventure on Nintendo's handheld also the worst selling? Canvas Curse boasts captivating music, sparkling visuals and addictive replay value. More importantly, the gameplay is some of the most innovative I've ever witnessed on the DS, taking the pink puff out of your control and asking you to guide his ceaseless roller-coaster momentum with the tracing of your stylus instead.  Thanks to an early release though, it itsn't played as much compared to it's inferior ( but still fun) sequels Squeak Squad and Super Star Ultra.

Number 7...

Asura's Wrath:

Since major releases like Halo 4, Call of Duty, and Assassin's Creed were releasing at about the same time as this did, the hype for Asura's Wrath seemed to die off quickly. Too bad. This is one heck of a game. This anime themed game amazed me with ridiculously awesome cutscenes and a great story line. Topped off with phenomenal graphics, this game serves as one of the funnest games of 2012.


Number 6...

De Blob:

De Blob fell completely out of the radar when it came out, it was met with some decent review. You know what? This game is awesome. You play as Blob who has to restore color to the Chroma City and defeat the evil INKT Corporation and their leader Comrade Black ( Which reminds me of a fascist government, which is pretty deep for a kid's game). The game is like Mario Galaxy meets Mario Sunshine. What you end up with is one heck of a 3D platformer. The best part is the humor and the music, which alone is what makes de Blob worth playing.


Number 5...

The Conduit:

This is a game I feel no one has played. I feel saddened by that because the conduit is an above average shooter. It's has an interesting story, GREAT voice acting, perfect controls you can adjust to your liking, hard difficulty (that and I just suck at FPS games) and most of all fun run and gun action. I can kind of see why it was overlooked, but it's still a very good game that you can find for a good price.

Number 4...

Kirby's Epic Yarn:

This game actually got a quite a bit of hate by fans, when it's actually one of the top 5 Kirby games without a doubt. The atmosphere defiantly made this game. It's absolutely stunning, the entire world being made out of yarn? GENIUS. But it's not only the atmosphere it's also everything else. Epic Yarn has fantastic gameplay, mechanics, level design, music, collectables and graphics to accompany the art and atmosphere.

Number 3...

Pokemon 3rd Generation:

I could cry if someone would call this the worst generation in the series (okay, I may be exaggerating). It's probably just my nostalgia speaking here, but everything is perfect. I legitimately have no MAJOR flaws with this generation. Actually, some of my favorite Pokemon games of all time are in this gen, specifically an odd ball called Pokemon: Gale of Darkness.  The starters are fantastic, and the legendaries are some of the best. The graphics are a bit stale by today's standard, but that doesn't really matter to me.


Number 2...

A Boy and His Blob:

A lot of you probably never even heard of this game, and there's probably a reason why It got some pretty good reviews, so it mostly fell under the pressure of the lading titles. Really though, this game has charm that no other game from that year could hope to have. Its puzzles are challenging to say in the least, but rewarding and the gameplay is nothing less than great. Certainly a diamond in the rough, and a must- play for the Wii.


And Number 1...

Mirror's Edge:

Every now and then, some clever developers come up with some new ideas that really stick, and Mirror's Edge was one of them.  Consider this: let's make a game that's first-person, but with no gun, that's all running on rooftops, with almost all commands relegated to one button.  On paper, that sounds like it could have been a disaster, but it's simple, and it works.  At first, it's not remarkable, and the game throws you right in and that can be jarring.  However, once you get into it a bit and get into a rhythm, it's all fun.  It's a blast to fly off rooftops, slam through a door, out another door, slide down a pipe, and then do it all again.  The element of speed and fluidity of movement are excellently done, and I always find it refreshing to play as a female protagonist.  The graphics are nothing but amazing for it's time even the gunning gameplay is absolutely fun.  The only flaw I can think of is that the story is not very compelling, but everything else makes up for it. Now that I think about it, this overlooked game may be one of the best games in 2008.


What's underrated to you? Comment below! Thanks for reading!!



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