I think a sale sucked me into picking this game up.  I had read lukewarm reviews for this and at $10 or $15, I figured, why not?  For the price, I have no complaints.  I’m the type of gamer who usually doesn’t ever, like ever, get through a game in one day.  I started this game at about 1 PM and finished at about 7 PM (just in time to watch my beloved Caps lose to the Dallas Stars).


The game reminded me a lot of Max Payne or Heavy Rain, but without the amazing gameplay elements.  The story follows a police detective who gets killed in the line of fire and has to solve the mystery of his death, as well as the case he was trying to solve at the time.  The environment was beautifully detailed and the overall atmosphere matched the tone of the game.  The actual game play was clunky at times.  I had a tough time getting a hang of exorcising demons and there really wasn’t a ton of that in the game.  In a way, the game was more passive and the clues were fairly easy to stumble across.



If I ignore how much I paid for the game, I would say this was an entertaining game, but it left a lot to be desired and a lot of room for improvement.  Considering the price I paid, it was a great game.  It is rare that you can get a game that has so much variety (at some points of the game you play as a cat) and yet it still felt repetitive after only a couple hours.  The price should be much lower than the $60 it started at.  If you get the chance, this is a quick game that most gamers will find at least mildly entertaining.