The Order: 1886 has been the subject of considerable controversy as of late because of how many cutscenes are in it, and how short the game actually is as well. After beating this game, I have to say those aspects are very minor when the rest of the game is truly powerful.

As most people in the gaming community know, The Order is known to have impeccable graphics, which of course does not account to everything in a game but when they have reached a level such as this, it is impossible not to be stunned. The people all look real, which only adds to how the game's story has a deep impact. Characters show their emotions extremely well, and the unique weaponry adds interesting color palettes to the games bleak base tone of grays. 

Along with the visuals, the sounds of The Order are flawless. The music is primarily an orchestra with a subtle choir backing it up, all with dark classical pieces that fit the rest of the game perfectly, and when the action picks up the music speeds into swelling and rapid songs that have you at the edge of your couch. Along with the music, the voice acting is some of the best I've ever heard. Everyone has believable and natural accents, even the frenchman Lafayette (though he pinned as being the womanizer,) and they really add to immersing the player into the game's great atmosphere.

The story of The Order is surprisingly deep in its tale of Sir Galahad, a knight of the Order who has recently discovered a conspiracy of the Lycans. The mysterious Blackwater in the game is an elixir that grants regenerating abilities and near-immortality to the user. Throughout the story you see how it affects people, not medically but in a spiritual sense, showing how God never intended for humans to live that long for a reason.

When it comes to gameplay, the 3rd person shooter mechanics work really well. The game's mechanics are influenced heavily from Naughty Dog games, in specific the Uncharted series. The controls and concepts are almost identical expect for the sprint function of The Order (which works very similar to The Last of Us, also developed by Naughty Dog,) and yet because of that I enjoy the combat even more.

Most all of the cutscenes become very interactive, as you go from blocking moves made by a Lycan, having a duel of blades, to wiping out an entire room of rebels. These cutscenes work to involve the player into the plot more, and it makes particular moments have a resonating feeling afterwards. Outside of this and the combat mechanics is where my minor complaints of the gameplay lie, however.

The game believes at times that you, as the player, would rather be walking in certain sections rather than jogging through them, and thus disables the sprint button. I can't understand why the developers at Ready At Dawn Studios thought this was needed, but it was slightly off-putting. There is minor acrobatics as well in the game, similar to that of the Batman: Arkham series where the place to leap is distinctly noticeable, and deliberately moved so you don't feel like you might jump off the wrong edge of something. My problem with it is how they don't let you ever get a running start, which slows down the excitement of climbing across rooftops on a stealth mission or hijacking a cargo boat. The acrobatics themselves are very nice, but the flow between standard movement and acrobatics needs work.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by The Order: 1886, as so many reviews neglected to praise it for what it is, but rather only pointed out what it isn't. Throughout the game I found myself ready to replay it simply because some parts are just that flawlessly made. I can't wait to see what Ready At Dawn does next, because in my mind they just put themselves on par with the rest of the AAA developers using 1886 as a great gaming start of 2015.