Not surprisingly, the new and third lead designer for this game, Mark Darrah, came over from the the lackluster, Bioware SWtOR MMO.  The whole game is based on an insane amount of simple fetch quests.  Even the main story itself unfolded as nothing more than going on simple scavenger hunts, one after another. There was nothing compelling story-wise, which is a shame because the premise of the world of Dragon Age has always been very interesting. but not when you present the saga in a MMO format. I'm not here with my friends on line just to mindlessly level up and gain loot, I wanted to play an epic solo rpg. But, after 19 days and 102 real game time hours, Inquisition has left very little impression on me. I stayed away from this game originally because of its anime artwork and over-sized weapons, because I just couldn't take a game too seriously when it looks like a cartoon. But with the drought of rpg games of the last few years and many positive reviews, I  was intrigued. I have to say that this world is impressive with the graphics, lore, the writing, the voice acting, and all the side quests they put into it; yet, as far being an entertaining solo-game is concerned, it doesn't come together. The missions are so simple and non-eventful that it becomes dull after so many hours. Inquisition plays like a game where The Elder Scrolls had a one-night stand with War of Warcraft and left their offspring on the doorstep of Fable to be raised. I recognize the effort they put into this, but the direction of how it was to entertain me falls short.  The big problem here is that the game is not so much "big" as it is "LONG".  Well over a hundred hours worth of a game that plays like an MMO instead of an rpg doesn't quite sit well.  They adopted the more open-world size maps from the previous generation without realizing that those types of games are designed for you to interact with the world and the environments, not just to have more space to kill, yet, more enemies while you make your way to, yet, the next checklist point on your map. Further, I dropped the score an extra point because it fails as part of a "series".  Your decisions, uploaded with extra effort on a website, have little to no effect on the story or game other than conversation and brief cameo appearances.  Final verdict--5.  Very average, but knock yourself out if you want to play it.