I have to say that this raises the bar for ps4. If your a graphic nut like me you will be amazed. I think this game deserves credit where credit is due. Game play I felt like I was controling a Gears of war character which may be for some been there done that but for me it was great. Pretty straight forward not to many places to roam around. Story is basic but interesting. The game flows in and out of the cut scenes very effortlessly which there are a lot. Reminding me of how Metal Gears cut scenes were and lengthy. I probably racked in about eight hours & a bit of exploring to boot till I finished the game.Yeah it could probably take 5 hours to win if you want to speed run but you should stop and smell the roses. It has good replayability. Definitely unanswered questions remaining but hopefully headed in the right direction and leaves plenty of room for improvement and praying it will get better with age and maybe spawn a trilogy here's hoping.