For fans of racing games who aren't great at them like me, this game should suit you well. For people who prefer more of a sim, this game isn't for you. That's not to say that it's totally arcarde, but rather that it's more forgiving. You don't have to be an expert sim racer to do well here. For me that's a good thing. The game features the best grapics of any new-gen racer out there. Project Cars may be the new king in that department when it comes out next year. Also, the game is supposed to feature great weather effects. There are also a variety of cars and tracks with great detail. Once you join a club, you can even use a club paint scheme for your car. My only complaint is there are no American cars in this game as of yet. I haven't had much time with those or the online play since there have been server and code issues. I have had a little time to play online, and I must say the online and single player are great. There are plenty of challenges in single and multiplayer sessions. In the single player mode, it starts off rather easy, but does get more difficult as you go further along. You have to master drifting and braking to really excel. Despite the server issues that I hope get resolved soon, I think this game has so much potential. Once all the problems are resolved, I have no doubt of it's greatness. I really enjoy it, and can't wait to delve further into it!