When I first bought my PS4, I was less than inspired by the lineup of games.  While I picked the console up in November, the first game I got for it was Thief.  The game didn’t come out until March.  Based on that, you might think I’m not much of a gamer, but after finishing Fallout 3, I was gamed out.  I picked up Watch Dogs and was equally uninspired by it as well.  I needed a break, I think.  After almost ten months, I decided to give Thief a second chance and Square Enix delivered as promised.

At first glance, there is little that can really be considered original about Thief.  The more I played it, the more it reminded me of Dishonored, which I’d played a few months ago.  The first person point of view kept it feeling very familiar, but the protagonists had little in common after that.  Garret, the main character is a thief by trade, running around in a mix of Victorian and Middle Ages.  He and his partner, so to speak, embark on a mission and it doesn’t end well.  It appears as if she dies and he is affected with a strange new vision.  The story doesn’t have any huge twists or turns, not like some of the other well-made Square Enix games, like the recent Deus Ex, which I loved.

What stood out for me wasn’t the story at all.  I didn’t spend much time thinking on the actual plot, which is probably not much of a ringing endorsement, but the game play was solid, more so than I gave it credit for when I first started the game.  I give Square Enix a lot of credit for creating unique control structures, one that grew on me as the game progressed.  Once I finished the game, I felt like the stealth and use of the environment was all very well done.  Garret has a great arsenal at his disposal and his arrows are equipped with all kinds of fun elements, like fire or water, and that makes a gamer’s approach that much more unique.

I can’t say this game blew me away.  The lack of a compelling story made me feel uninterested, and yet I really wanted to finish the game.  That sense of accomplishment felt very real and I was happy that I gave the game the chance to come to the conclusion.  It may not have been worth full price in March, but this is a fun game that might surprise you.  And no, I didn’t play online, I never do.