You walk out to the Octagon, the crowd shakes the stadium, the announcers sound authentic, the graphics are second to none, the vibe is very close to perfect. It feels and looks wonderful! All the way to Mr. Buffett announcing his iconic,'IT'SSSS TIMEEEEE!", the game is very well put together. I was impressed by this alone. The stand up is more fluid than any other fighting game out. The strikes and physics are about as good as it gets. Legs will get kicked out from underneath you with a well-placed Thai kick, takedowns can be deflected by well-timed punches and/or kicks. Everything just feel like a real fight, and I must say, it's incredibly refreshing. Do keep in mind, this is a first entry! Things will only get better and better and better! For that, I am deeply looking forward to the next installment! My only real gripe with the game, is of course, the submission game! It is better than what it was, but it's incredibly hard to figure out and the tutorials are quite laughable as far as teaching you the steps to defend, initiate, and ultimately land a successful submission. For me, it's an act of Congress and without shame, I say that I still have yet to submit someone. So that is about my only real complaint. The KO's are great, again, I stress the fluidity of the game is close to flawless. I DEFINITLELY recommend grabbing this game! For any fighter fan, not just UFC fan alone! Hope you enjoyed the review and I hope it helped!