Playing EA Sports UFC, I found myself in awe at how well crafted EA had crafted this new chapter in the UFC franchise. From the roster that features some of the greatest fighters out there right now to the beautiful character design, EA worked very hard on detail in this game. UFC is in some ways a different type of brawler that really makes you work to enjoy the overall experience. While it may be frustrating at times, UFC is a smart brawler that once conquered is an enjoyable experience.

 Like most brawlers out there, UFC uses the techniques of creating powerful combos while also blocking your opponent’s attacks at the right moment. The AI in the game is well developed whether you start as a beginner or decide to make it tough and go hard, you'll have your hands full. One of the main problems as why the AI is tough because of the complex controls. Once you start UFC, you are assigned a tutorial that shows the overall control mechanics. Once you go through the tutorial that is optional but I advise you to go through it, you're set off to enter the Octagon.                          

 Once I entered the Octagon, I found myself overwhelmed with everything going on during the fight. After trying some of the main mechanics like grappling and takedowns, you'll find out its much tougher than you may think or like it to be. I found myself going back over and over again back to the tutorial and being confused about what I'm supposed to do. It can get frustrating but I found myself enjoying it more when my brother and I just played competitive and beat the crap out of each other.


 EA Sports UFC also includes a story like mode and it's not really that great. While it was neat going on The Ultimate Fighter and finally earning my spot in the UFC roster, after that the story like mode just seemed to drag on. Yes there are high stakes like obtaining or losing a championship belt, but other than those matches there's really no motivation to continue on in the story like mode. Unfortunately, UFC's story mode does what so many sports game do with their story modes which is put little work towards the mode.

 Like I mentioned before, UFC does have an impress amount of fighters for you to fight as. From Jon Jones to George St-Pierre to Ronda Rousey, there are plenty of fighters to choose from. Plus there's even a few surprise downloadable characters including the martial artist master himself Bruce Lee. This Roster does not disappoint.


 While EA Sports UFC is not perfect and the story mode is not recommended, once you conquer the challenging controls you will enjoy UFC. It is a challenging and in some ways rewarding experience. While EA Sports UFC isn't for everyone, if you have a next-gen console and love UFC, I don't know why you wouldn't get this game. Overall, EA Sports UFC is a fun, challenging brawler that's a great title for all the UFC fans out there. Just prepare to work to enjoy UFC.


+ Beautiful Character Models

+ Fun to play with Friends

- Lackluster Story mode

- A real struggle to learn the controls, and not much of a good payoff 

My Score: 8 out of 10