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At first look Tales of Xillia appears as just another JRPG on the market that doesn’t change much, but anybody who sits down and plays more than a few hours of this game will surely see what Tales of Xillia has to offer. With its deep engrossing plot and its, unique battle design, Tales of Xillia has become one of my favorite games of last generation. So if you’re looking for a title to hold you till another game comes out or breathe life into your PS3, this is a game that you must play.

            You start out by being given the option to choose between two characters, Jude Mathis and Milla Maxwell. Jude Mathis is a medical school student in the city of Fennmont. He’s your typical teenager, honor roll student. Milla Maxwell is the fabled Lord of the Spirits Maxwell. There stories intertwine when Milla feels the lesser spirits disappearing and heads to Fennmont to find the source. Meanwhile Jude goes to the Research center to find his professor to tell him that he has won an honor award. Jude decides to sneak in and investigate what is going on when they tell him that the professor is inside and hasn’t left. Jude gets caught up in the mess and Milla warns him that he needs to leave. When Jude refuses to go and presses forward into the facility. He and Milla learn that dark secret hidden inside of Fennmont. The Lance of Kresnick is a device built to use spirits and kill them in order to make a weapon. The lance absorbs the four great spirits leaving Milla powerless. They get coined traitors and make there escape from Fennmont and soon start on there journey to return to Nia Khera to return to resummon the four great spirts.

            What I love about Tales of Xillia is its characters. If I’m going to invest any time into a game I need to have a great cast of characters to compel me through the title. I’ve played many games where the characters are dull and uninspiring and that’s a problem, especially in RPG’s. Tales of Xillia has six characters that make up its cast, Jude, Milla, Alvin, Elize, Rowen and Leia. They all bring there unique personalities to the group. No matter how hard you try you can’t bring yourself to hate these characters and the way they act and connect with each. Your characters stories come to life in skits too, some you learn more about there past or see funny exchanges between characters or more insight on what they think about a certain part in the story. I know skits are part of the Tales game but they are a nice addition to the game making for very nice look at the characters.

            I love its gameplay too, you have what are called Sub Events which are sidequets They end up being your fetch quest items or some may have you come back at later days, but these are not poorly written. They add depth and give more information about the history of game. Most sub events give you a better look as to what is going on in the game or what important NPC’s are doing. I love its battle system too it takes Real Time Battles to a new level, just like Star Ocean The Last Hope did a few years back. The ability to link two characters together and combine attacks is a very nice touch. I also love how each character as there own unique set of abilities that help the part out. Overall its gameplay is addicting and fun.

            If I had to make a couple of complaints about the game and this section does contain minor spoilers. It has a very weak soundtrack, one I will probably forget in a couple of months. My biggest issue with the game though was how it went from a very steam punk fantasty world to throwing a parallel world that was destroyed cause of technology. This go green and save the planet seems to be common thing in RPG’s lately and its almost becoming as clichéd as the surprise princess in your party or the character that suffers from anmnesia. Still those two things are a small couple of flaws in an otherwise awesome, near perfect title. 9/10