There is no denying that this is a really good game but it is far from an 8 out of 10 rating. With that said, GI did get some things right:

Concept: I like what EA did here, the only thing that really bothers me is that moves like spinning back kicks/fists/elbows, flying knees, and cage strikes are way too easy to pull off once you get the hang of it. I understand that people want to see and be able to do that but make them work for it, it takes pleasure and sense of accomplishment out of it otherwise.

Graphics: The graphics are in fact pretty amazing. From the sweat all the way down to the way their bodies react, they did an outstanding job in my opinion. There are still some minor issues, for example, when I throw kicks and elbows the character models just seem to move in ways that should not be possible and also the fact that I should be able to throw a head-kick when I'm within clinch range of another fighter.

Sound: Nothing to say here other than the fact that I agree with GI. The commentary is good but starts to get repetitive after a while. Same with the music that plays in the background of the gym in career mode.

Playability: Same as the last one, I agree with GI for the most part here. I feel like that unlike the previous games, dodging, parrying, and counter striking play a much bigger role in the fights and have a much bigger impact.

Entertainment: Honestly the learning curve really isn't that big, but I might just saying that because I was already used to playing the first three. However even after getting past the learning curve the game can become very boring very past and eventually could end up only being fun with a friend. As I mentioned above I think that dodging, parrying, and counter striking play a much bigger role in fights, but that's only if you're playing as a real fighter from the UFC roster. If I'm playing as Alexander Gustafsson and fighting Jon Jones I really can't just run in with my fists flying unless I get lucky and rock him early on in the fight. However during career mode once you get your characters overall rating to around 70, you can literally run in and do anything you want depending on what you upgraded first. Speaking of the career mode and created characters, they are both watered, god are they both watered down. Career mode is literally nothing but a cycle of training, fighting, and the occasional video from a fighter saying "Good luck!" or "I'm a fan!" or "Keep it up!", literally nothing else from what I've been able to see. As far as creating a character, they improve vastly on the tattoos which people have been asking for since the first game but that's where it stops. Everything from the hair to to the face is just so limited and constricting. If my created characters default age is 22 then is it that all but one of the faces looks like he's in his 40s? 

Replay: See above, the game get's BORING unless you're playing with a friend. This was the first game on PS4 that I bought digitally because I wasn't feeling good and didn't feel like driving to GameStop. If it hadn't been for that I'd have traded it in (after a trade-in special of course).