I would agree mostly with this review. Fantastic graphics, amazing attention to detail, decent career mode. But that is as far as it goes. How can you make a UFC game with only two game modes? This is extremely disappointing. If you want to fight multiple fighters with a specific fighter, say Carlos Condit, you can't. I mean technically could if you want to go thru all the loading for an exhibition match, win the match, then quit back to the main menu, select a new exhibition match and choose a new opponent. In my opinion, EA could have done without a lot of the pointless video fillers that take up space, and done more with gameplay.

Another extremely irritating feature, or lack there of, is when playing the career. After you get a little deep in career mode, you start to level up, abling you to purchase new moves for your fighter. Great feature and you would obviously expect that in a UFC game. After you purchase a move, you have to assign it to a button combination slot in a separate screen. The problem in this, besides having to go to a completely separate screen, is you have to literally hunt for which button combination the move you just purchased can be assigned to. Meaning only 2-3 specific kicks can be used for a button combination. This makes for purchasing moves a serious chore.

With that being said, EA is somewhat in the right direction in creating a solid UFC game, but needs to make some major improvements in what should be simple, commonsense things. And maybe hire some of the guys who worked on THQ's Undisputed 3 to help out with these things.

Oh and not to mention, you can chose Yakima, WA but not Detroit, MI?!?!?!? Or any place in Michigan for that matter??!?!?!? Get your *** *** straight.