I was able to play Watch dogs on the Xbox One. The best way to describe this game is a cross between Grand theft auto and Assassin's Creed. Sure your not scaling skyscrapers or flying a helicopter away from a huge bank heist, but it still has it's moments.

The whole games seems to click at two different points, When you wipe out and spread terror through a group militants without them even seeing you, and when you are chasing (or being chased) and you hack into a steampipe or a traffic light to take out the enemy without getting a scratch on your car.

the most memorable characters are the ones you don't see much of. Jordie may be one of the funniest most pyscotic characters you may see in a game. one moment he is helping you infiltrate a building, the next he is holding a gun up to you, and the next he is asking you to take out one of his loose ends. Another great character was T-dog, a pyromaniac who's always there ready to help you.

the story, however isn't too easy to follow. (SPOILER ALERT) you spend the majority of the game to retrieve data for this guy holding your sister hostage, and just as soon as you get the data, you find out where she is and you break her out yourself.

the game has a learning curve though. The first few hours you play the game, you may make some mistakes that in the future seem like rookie mistakes. the driving is very different from other open world games. Speaking of driving, You can be going 90+ mph and t-bone another car and be completely fine while the other car gets wrecked.

like the original Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs suffers from the same missions over and over. Stealthfully get into a building, take out the main guy get out, if you blow your cover you get into a car and chase the guy then escape his goons.

The world Ubisoft tries to make in watch dogs seems drastically vulgar and at some times, even disturbing. In one of the final missions, you hack into a security camera during an important disscussion, and there is a random couple making out, sometimes it all seems very unnecessary.

If you are a fan of Ubisoft, like myself, then you'll see a lot of "I see what you did there" moments.

Overall a good game. Far from perfect, but deffinately consider purchasing once the price goes down.