Though not perfect at all, Watch Dogs offers something I haven't felt in recent open world games, an environment in which I can loose myself in. The last time I had this feeling was playing Red Dead Redemption. I basically tracked off the main missions so often because of Watch Dogs immersive world, which is not too much of a bad thing in my opinion. The graphics are unfortunately disappointing, though beautiful, it doesn't scream next-gen. The driving ticked me a little but gets easier when you understand the physics. Gameplay is extremely fluid and fun when things work your way. The story was engaging as well and ,unlike others, I actually liked Aiden's character very much. He kinda sounds like Batman's grizzled voice when he speaks which gets annoying, but he's still an enjoyable character. Watch Dogs may not be worth all the hype but for those who only look for an extremely fun time, pick this up!