Played so little of this game, but loving how I get easily distracted from the main story due to having side-task/side-quest to worry about. I like, that Adan Pierce has suffered ad makes the character more enjoyable, but it sucks that he can be predictable at times as a calm, loner-like person. He seems at times to be a bad person who cares little for others, yet other times looks like a broken man who has lost so much.

His eccentric coworker Jordy is a stereotypical nut-job who loves chaos, but it would have been nice if Jordy were more similar to the psychiatric profile of a serial killer than a cliche evil anime character.

The most annoying this I noticed is the driving is brutal, for it feels like playing Grand Theft Auto 3 (maybe a bit worse). The graphics are alright, they don't seem awful like how others state they are, at least on PS4. Seems the amount of weapons available is realistic, as in the lack of variety (like a few guns you can easily obtain in a store).

As for the augmented reality games, they seem fun to try out, but I only played so little I cannot say much about it. Will I play they a lot, nope, for there is more interesting stuff to do in-game.

The online-multiplayer aspects I have yet to try out due to me being a newb. Since I am still getting the hang of Watch_Dogs I am not playing online.

I have yet to truly progress much in the story due to me exploring the world and installing back doors in several places around the city. I love how I can play hero and beat up criminals when allowed to "intervene" and this seems to add to the conflict that is the personality of Aiden Pierce (of a man who seems bad and good).

I like the stealth-like approach to the game to get through enemies by distracting them or disrupting them to more easily beat them up. I enjoy how the game starts since i felt a hint of Hitman: Absolution-ish gameplay, but it exceeds the Hitman Absolution gameplay by adding a layer of hacking to distract. The game is very similar to Red Dead Redemtion in the sense that there is so many little things to do they can distract you from the main story-line.

The needles killing or harming of bystander (AI) is not over-the-top as GTA, and if you expect fun from it you will be disappointed. The world just makes you want to avoid needles killing or avoid harming bystanders, for such actions are not as fun as GTA. And I love how Watch_Dogs is not a game for the needles slaying of civilians (the AI).

So far from what little I played of the story-line and for not playing online. I really enjoy this game. I doubt I will hate the game even after progressing in the story or playing online. If I find a bug, i doubt it will be a game-breaker for so far the game is running smooth on my PS4. I have not noticed issues with sudden framerate drops like those I have seen in Battlefield 4. I have no issues with the resolution for the game runs great.

If you are on-the-fence about purchasing the game full price I say wait for it, but you, the reader, must play the game. For those who like open world games where you can drive around in a car or walk around a big city, this game is for you and you should buy it. Please do not expect a Red Dead Redemption, because RDR is much better (Watch_Dogs has some similarities, but it does not compare). Still, a game worth my time and money.