Only played 8 hours, so far. I honestly don't know if I'll be playing anymore of it. My advice, wait for the bargain bin. The visuals on display two years ago at E3 turned out to be an outright lie. There is nothing new gen about this game. The gameplay tries to be GTA, but can't "hack" it. The story sucks so bad it managed to clean my carpet. And as much as I tried to like Aiden, I've grown to despise him with a capital D. Ubisoft has become predictable and stale. They aren't making good games right now and this does not bode well for Far Cry 4. You might say that 8 hours, isn't enough to rate a game, but I disagree. In this case it was about 6 hours too long. Do yourself a favor and play Wolfenstein; the new order instead. It is far more worthy of your time.