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dont waste your money

Only played 8 hours, so far. I honestly don't know if I'll be playing anymore of it. My advice, wait for the bargain bin. The visuals on display two years ago at E3 turned out to be an outright lie. There is nothing new gen about this game. The gameplay tries to be GTA, but can't "hack" it. The story sucks so bad it managed to clean my carpet. And as much as I tried to like Aiden, I've grown to despise him with a capital D. Ubisoft has become predictable and stale. They aren't making good games right now and this does not bode well for Far Cry 4. You might say that 8 hours, isn't enough to rate a game, but I disagree. In this case it was about 6 hours too long. Do yourself a favor and play Wolfenstein; the new order instead. It is far more worthy of your time.

  • From what i'm seeing, this may be the most honest review of the game.
  • thanks for the tip bud. I'll wait for a steam sale.

  • Yeah I have to agree with you man,It`s so bad that people who got it for free feel cheated O_O
  • Yeah, from the reactions this is a Gamefly option for me. I won't be purchasing this but I do want to give it a try.
  • Thanks all,...

    My first review, but oh GAWD this game sucks... Mustn't let anyone else be swindled.

  • unfortunately, this review is similar to the ones on Steam. Thanks for the honest review.

  • I agree with you completely.

    One thing I will mention is how much better the game ran after the Nvidia driver update yesterday. I have a 760GTX, and the game was nearly unplayable before the driver update.

  • Thanks for the honest assessment. Kind of bummed to be honest as I was looking forward to finally having an open world game to play on my PS4 but I'm going to wait until the holidays and get it for $30. I had hoped that the long delay meant they would polish this game up a bit more. So far all the user reviews I'm reading are telling people that this game is pretty hit or miss, while the professional critics are saying that this series has a lot of promise but needs some work. I wonder if this will become the next Assassin's Creed style series for Ubisoft if this sells well enough. That series made some gigantic improvements after the rather vanilla first game so I still say that there is hope for this one.
  • How about some more detail?
  • Care to elaborate at all?
  • ok nice review ill wait for it to go down in price

  • Its funny, GI gives it a good-great review and here you all seem to dislike it. I'll trust your review over GIs anyday since there's are paid reviews anyway. I haven't played it yet, I was waiting for the Wii u version but maybe I'll skip it all together.
  • The game so far is really good for me I guess its just a matter of opinion.
  • I canceled my pre-order last minute. Something just kind of told me to. That said, the Graphics are the least of my concern. So if that's the biggest issue people have with it so far I'll probably be okay. I think I'm still going to wait though, which is a shame since this is one of the games I was looking forward to playing since it was announced. That said, the review didn't really delve into any specifics so I doubt I'll make any purchasing decision based on your review. If there was more detail as to why the character is bland, or why the story sucks or why the game play doesn't meet your standards, those details are pretty important to include.
  • Great review. I am so sick and tired of all the lies and excuses from both next gen companies. I wish I had not blown over $500 for an Xbox one. It is just collecting dust and has been since December. Games?? What games are worth the price tag so far?? NONE!!! Outright LIES!!! That is what last E3 was.

  • Great review. I was able to play through the game a while ago, 100%ing it. The story is pretty weak, and the ending and sequel baiting just frustrated me. The most interesting aspects are hinted at and left for the sequel (outright stated for a sequel if you sit through the credits). Characters antagonize you and are killed off with no explanation. There's a betrayal that makes sense, and yet there wasn't enough set up to explore why you should care - sequel bait. The game itself is standard Ubisoft. You've played this before if you've played AC or FC3. Unlock towers to unlock more icons so you know where to do side missions. Do side missions. Race or tail people. Kill people. Do some crafting. I'm not liking Ubisoft applying their formula to everything. Cars handle pretty stiff. I've had arguments with others who say they handle great, but from what I've heard (last night, talking with other people who played it with me back when) nothing has changed, so I have to put that down to different strokes for different folks. I found it passable but not fun. Shooting is right out of Splinter Cell. Sneaking is blah and overly forgiving, as AC usually is. The hacking isn't impressive. You hold a button over highlighted icons, and occasionally do a quick little puzzle. What does impress is how smooth you can go between sneaking, shooting, and hacking. It all plays together and compliments your style very well. The missions are also seamless, in that when you finish blowing up ten cars with a steam pipe and shoot your way across the highway through the surviving thugs, finishing the mission doesn't reset it. You simply complete it, and as you move on, your carnage is still around you. It helped immerse me, and made me want to find the most complicated and chaotic solutions just for dramatic effect. I played a next gen version, and even then it looked like a shined up PS3/360 era game. It wasn't built for Next-Gen, and it shows in the mechanics and city design. I'd give it a 6 - I don't regret the time I spent with the game, but it also didn't stick with me.
  • Well...everyone has their right to say something. I will agree the graphics aren't the greatest. Yet really I just dislike people bashing a game on looks. Gameplay matters to a video game. If you want something to look pretty. Go watch a movie. Still I already pre-ordered. Don't really regret it. As I don't care. It is the one treat I can give myself without killing anyone in the real world. Plus I don't own the newer generation. So Graphically doesn't matter to me. Just having some fun. So really. Just play it at how you want. If you are an owner of the New Generation Consoles. Sorry but you have to wait two years to get a game worth while. For the rest of us who own PCs and the old generation consoles. Just get it if you want. Wait before getting it. All up to you.
  • I am enjoying Wolfenstein right now, as well as Transistor. Two really great, very different games. Watch Dogs is also different from those two. I will be picking up my copy tonight, because I don't really take any credence from the opinions of people whom I do not know nor trust. But thanks for the warning. I guess.
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