NOTE: I had to republish this to a more recent date due to the GI online glitches that made peoples reviews disappear, I originally published this back in January 2013.


I'll try and keep this as short as possible with out rambling on too much. I know it's old news by today's standards but I've been playing this game since it came out and just felt like I needed to say my view of the game. If you read my other reviews you'll see I don't really care about the masses and generally look at reviews as a "useful guide" (great Morgan Freeman line from Seven if you get it) to get an idea of a game and when something is mixed, I just use my own judgement and say 'yes or no' to a game.

Perhaps unlike some, I have played just about every major iteration of the RE franchise, including Resident Evil: Survivor, Resident Evil: Outbreak and Resident Evil: Dead Aim, so it's safe to say I know bad RE. However, for the most part the major installations of RE have been extremely well done and I feel RE6 is no exception. I played this through with my brother in coop with all three campaigns and we had lots of fun and it was a great gaming experience. And in the end that's what makes a great game. If you enjoy it, awesome. If you can enjoy it coop or with others, even better. I am really glad Capcom stuck with the coop formula and I think it works out really well. It did in RE5 and I think the changes that they made by incorporating the major players in just about every RE into one giant interwoven story was well done. I'm not going to break down every aspect like most do, but more give a quick once-over. I thought the graphics were superb, something that never really was an issue in the major installments of the game (especially the CG cutscenes). The music was fairly fitting, nothing to write home about but the large orchestral pieces during the high-action sequences worked out. The gameplay...well I'll get back to that because that is a different matter.

Also, I wanted to point out a little trend in terms of the scariness of the game. Many complain that RE is no longer a horror game and just caters to action junkies. Well, I like how they made the different campaigns with different atmospheres and creepiness. For example, Leon's campaign was much more methodical (unless you burned through it) and more stuff popped out at you. Sure there were some parts of action or a car chase or whatever, but overall it was the most 'old-school' RE in terms of 'BOO' kind of scary. Chris's campaign kind of broke away from that and was much more action oriented. I have read many users saying that Chris's was their least favorite and ruined the game for them. I actually  enjoyed Chris's chapter the most and thought the twist at the end with Nevins was pretty well done (I'll try not to spoil anything). But in general the action was awesome and Chris is a badass anyway. I felt he had a lot of personal vendetta-kind of thing going after Ada kinda f'ed him and his men over. Lastly, Jake's chapter I felt was a mix of old time scary popping up of zombies and action, so basically like a all-in-one deal.

Well, that just about sums it up. I will now say my piece in defense of what people say is wrong with this game and that it abandoned the RE formula that made it famous.

First, gameplay. Let's think about this one carefully. Many say it's too action-oriented. Well, if you remember RE1 and how blocky and choppy that game moved you wouldn't be clamoring for the days where you had to press R1 to aim, X to shoot and couldn't shoot while moving and only move your sights up and down. RE4 greatly improved on this by making movement a little more independent and allowing a more accurate idea of what you're shooting since it was 3rd person. I also give credit to Capcom's other RE title this year that I also really enjoyed, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. Now before I'm trashed for liking this game I really respect Capcom and how they went with something different in both gameplay and style. The 4 player coop Umbrella team was really fun and I noticed how they put in some of the gameplay aspects of RE:ORC, like the running dive, shooting while on your back, more mobile/agile moves into RE6. I like RE:ORC to the tune of about a 8.5/10 in my book, but that's another review.

Second, the campy/cheesy dialog. Again, let's go back to old RE1 days. Although it was made in a different time, let's not forget the fantastic story writing and lines such as Jill saying in the mansion "Look, it's a big hole!" or Barry's classic line when referring to a lockpick, "You Jill, the master of unlocking things, should take it." I think that's enough to warrant the bad lines in RE6. Oh Leon...

Third, outrageous/over-the-top story and such. Yet again, let's not forget how RE became RE. Did we already forget about Raccoon City? This whole franchise is built off a ridiculous idea of a giant mansion with an incredible substructure that leads to an even more incredible secret facility where giant zombie monsters are waiting to be released to the world via a overly intricate subway/train system by a billion dollar corporation with secret evil intentions that trace back to a secret society family....yea I know it's not ALL fake. But you get the gist of what I'm saying. Let's not take RE too seriously.

Also, I wanted to point out and say I can't really agree with the fact that Game Informer gave RE6 such glowing reviews and were the only major publication (that I know of) to give such high marks, and then in their Year-in-Review issue trash RE for saying RE:ORC and RE6 were such huge disappointments and only RE: Revelations was the one saving grace. Hmm...can't say I like that logic and I usually turn to GI for the most consistent and well-rounded information.

Anyhoot, I have babbled too long. Forgive me if I have misspelled or have any grammatical errors as I am writing this late. I am off. But again, I know it's late but I usually let the dust settle before I say my bit and have thoroughly enjoyed the game and am playing even now. People can disagree with me. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this is mine. I hope people aren't turned off by the RE franchise just because people think it's catering to people with short attention spans.

If you haven't played the game and are a fan of RE, try it out. I enjoy it. Have a blast people.