We all know the big controversy surrounding Ground Zeroes. $30 for a "tech demo" some say, others say it is more of an 'appetizer' before the main course. I'll admit, I am on the former about this game. I personally feel that this game does not grant the 30 dollar price tag. The content available isn't justified with its asking price. However; games shouldn't be based off the price or even the length of the game, but the game itself. By me doing that with Ground Zeroes I can tell you that the game is extremely polished and plays excellent.

Metal Gear Solid has a track record of having one of the best and if not bizarre stories ever told in a video game. I never got on board with the franchise; I was too young to really understand what exactly was going on in the story. I have played a few iterations in the franchise, and actually completed number 4. That being said, I went into Ground Zeroes thinking I was going to be scratching my head a lot in confusion. That actually wasn't the case at all. The game takes place after the events of MGS3 and Peace Walker. There was enough backstory and audio logs that explain exactly why Snake is where he is today, something I found easy to understand. This was perfect for myself because I really wanted to get into this franchise but didn't know where to start. Newcomers are easily welcomed here if you have time to listen and read a few files to catch up. 

Having always been curious with this series, I knew enough to know what the game throws at you. Iconic boss fights and sometimes some strange left-field humor that hardcore fans will laugh and say "only you Kojima!" In Ground Zeroes none of this was present, and there are two reasons most likely why this is. For starters the games length is without a doubt short, so to cram too much into this short narrative just doesn't seem possible. The other reason, Hideo himself said he wants this game to take a more serious approach, have a more gritty tone. You can definitely sense the darker vibe throughout the main story and really screams the obvious in the cut scenes. I was a little disappointed not to experience any of those 'iconic' moments, but I was left satisfied for what I was being offered.

The story is simple. Save two prisoners, Chico and Paz. Now, because it is such a short campaign (took me 1 hour and 20 minutes on my first play through) that I don't want to go in depth of the story to spoil anything. I will say that after hearing majority of the files and getting some backstory I found the story and climactic ending to be satisfying. It really left me wondering what exactly will happen next for Snake. I look forward to jumping back into this universe with the arrival of The Phantom Pain. 

The game is absolutely gorgeous. Everything is highly detailed and polished. Snake and other characters are near lifelike, especially in the cut scenes. The attention to detail in animations was incredible. From Snake squeezing to sleep an interrogated soldier, to something simple as an A.I sneezing, it was great fluid animation. I've always disliked the 'stealth first' concept in games it just wasn't my go to style of playing, but I actually found myself playing the game so cautiously and alert because of how well done the mechanics were. Yes you can go guns blazing, but there wasn't nearly as much satisfaction in it as oppose to sneaking in and infiltrating the compound. Every time I got caught and alarms sounded I would immediately start over to and try again. I like how if a guard catches you you'll get a 'bullet time' type slow down reflex to take out the witness. This gives you a fighting chance to keep your stealth alive and to continue to go unnoticed. With such great stealth mechanics it made me open up to the idea and actually give it a shot. In the end I was very impressed and enjoyed my experience.



*NOTE*- I did NOT base my review off the price of the game, but simply of what content was presented to me in the game 




Nice recap for newcomers
+ Level of polish
+ Modernizing the controls
+ Engaging story but....

- ....Ends on a cliffhanger.
- Only one level
- Side missions aren't anything special