I rarely write reviews but have witnessed many people complaining about the length vs price. Most of us here who take the time to write a review or read other`s have been informed through the many articles that this is what was promised. You can only warn people so many times before they need to learn for themselves...yes, the game is short, deal with it or don`t buy it.


To begin, the graphics are fantastic. The atmospheric effects are amazing on PS4 and I can only imagine they`d be the same on X1. Gameplay is a lot of fun. I`ve always enjoyed sneaking around instead  of guns a`blaze, so having both options available at all times is much appreciated. The slowing of time has saved me on a few occasions and is a nice change for the series, where in the past, once you`re spotted, you`re toast and have to enter an almost never-ending firefight.


The story is great - albeit short. To prepare, do yourself a favour and read the entire backstory and listen to all the audiotapes and music scores as soon as you can. It`s nice to see a franchise (especially an established one) take a darker tone to it`s missions. I won`t go into details but it`s very easy to see the parallels in the story to non-fictional events. I don`t want to get too far into politics but in all of the Call of Duty/Battlefield/clones, America is the hero and as some non-Americans can relate, we`re witness to the fact that America isn`t always the hero in real life. I can only hope that Phantom Pain doesn`t shy away from some of these themes.


On the technical side, I had an issue with the camera on a few occasions. Primarily when sneaking through the tents and around corners, the camera gets held up at an awkward viewpoint. I overcame this by aiming down the sight of my weapon and the camera would adjust. Keep this in mind for some of the more technical areas of the map.  I`ve always preferred the first-person viewpoint because of this but certain games require third-person and MGS is certainly one of those. Tagging people is also something that I knew of going in, but it wasn`t fully explained the mechanics of it when I first used the binoculars (unless I missed it being enamoured with the intro scene).


I typically shy away from replays and factoring in replay value but MSGGZ is the first game that I`ve truly been excited to replay numerous times. That could be in part to it`s length, whereas with a longer game, I wouldn`t want to invest the time again and again to scouer every inch of the map.