Have you ever wanted to play an entire episode of South Park? Well now's your chance! Obsidians long awaited game based on one of the most popular, raunchy and downright controversial cartoons ever made is finally upon us. 

In Stick of Truth, you play the new kid in town who joins in on a heated battle between the humans, led by Cartman, Butters and Kenny and the elves led by Stan, Kyle and Jimmy. All major and minor characters make an appearance at least once, sometimes in the oddest places fans of the show from casual watchers to the long time super fans will have much to rejoice about.

The play style is set up much like a Final Fantasy game. Your party consists of you and a buddy, starting with Butters and acquiring Stan, Kyle, Jimmy, Kenny and Cartman along the way, each with their own specific strengths and styles. Enemies come wither singularly or in groups up to six or so, with everyone attacking in a turn based, with timing attacks up with weapon flashes for more effective damage. 

(Quests, maps, abilities, inventory and messages are sent through a Facebook-like system)

Abilities are pretty straightforward but there is a surprising amount of strategy that goes in to some of the fights. A good number of buffs and debuffs give the seemingly simple system a great deal of depth that will please any fan of the style. Special character abilities are often times utterly hysterical. From the class you choose, either Mage, Thief, Jew or Warrior which each have their own sets of powers to your buddies who take on their own. For instance, Cartman is pretty low on health, but more than makes up for it with his explosive fart attacks. (Farting is an extremely key component in this game)

(I chose Thief and had a good deal of fun with it)

The game is purely single player, which was a huge bummer for me. It has a lot of potential to be one of the greatest party games of all time by allowing more than one player to join in on the fun but even just watching someone play the game is pretty funny. 

The story is far from basic, with many twists and turns along the way. You travel outside of South Park to an 8-bit Canada, get abducted by the aliens, and even fight your way through a group of underpants gnomes. Everything you would expect from seasoned writers who have been keeping the show going for more than 15 years. Expect to get about 15-20 hours of quality playtime, keeping in mind the various side quests.

A well thought out armor system adds to the depth of combat by giving various items certain values that make them important to a specific playing style. The use of patches and strap-ons (intentional, I'm sure) let you add basically enchantments to your weapon for fire, shock, and even gross out damage. Different enemies you encounter definitely keep you on your toes with what you boost your weapons with.

(Combat is a turn based with a rotating wheel style selection system)

Visually, the game looks just as good as the newest season of the show. Walking through the quiet little mountain town feels like you're watching an episode with a controller in your hand. Needless to say, cutscenes live up to the same standard.

Voicework is mostly impeccable, with a couple lag issues popping up in some of the cutscenes, but are generally unnoticeable.

For the South Park fans, the game is purely a game of easter eggs that are a joy to find. From the 30 collectable Chimpokomon, to the "junk" you find and can sell to vendors, (I had about nine copies of "The Poop that Took a Pee" at one point) to the sounds of Jennifer Lopez's "Taco Flavored Kisses" coming from the banks stereo. There are easily hundreds more in the forms of background dialogue, cameos and just random events that will keep any South Park fan giggling the entire way through the game.

On an obligatory note, parts of the game have been censored in countries such as Canada and Australia. It may seem strange for a video game but parts of the game are downright disgusting, but to most, it will be disgusting in the best way possible.