Before I begin with the review, I haven't watched "South Park" in years. Heading into this game I had no expectations and from what I saw, they have restored a fan. Stick of Truth is a fun little RPG adventure with a solid concept, awesome combat system and great characters, but from all these praises I do feel there are a number of issues to address. But don't let these issues cut your plans on playing the game, it's a hell of a game.

The story feels nicely condensed and never dull. One of my biggest gripes about games based on other media is their attempt to build on the universe by adding convoluted details which neither help the story, fan service or effect nothing in the long run. Nothing in the Stick of Truth feels added just because. Everything scopes out to a bigger picture as silly as it is. Each side mission helps reenforce your drive to completing the story, and one side mission is never the same, one minute you are fighting Al Gore and the next you are hunting giant mutant bacteria. This makes each mission refreshing compared to the "Go to point X to Y" of most open world games.

Everyone has been cast properly and the dynamics between characters and your silent avatar work unbelievably well. I normally gripe about silent heroes, but this time around it just works to the point where I wouldn't have it any other way. Add this to the charmingly trashy (yet very well polished) appearance of the game and everything is right in the world.

The satire is incredibly sharp, tasteless and brutal in many cases, I was quite shocked numerous times how far the game went and I can clearly see Parker and Stone had full hands in the project without watering it down for marketability. People who are quick to be offended need not look here, you will be very upset by the end of the game. I loved the balls out approach to the game, not many games aim this high and work at the same time.

With all these positives I do have a few gripes. The quick and fluid story is a great thing, but the problem is it lacks true replay value. The RPG classes introduced never truly feel "different". Picking the wizard class might be cool, but you are more than welcome to pick up a sword and go full on warrior. The lack of restriction on weapons and armor feels a bit too open and overall lack of specialization or unique play style, this might be a complaint from someone who plays too many TTRPGS, but I feel like giving much more concrete classes would've been helpful when it came to replaying the game.

Another issue is the inability to pass the Level 15 cap. Possibly adding a higher level cap would've been awesome, but I doubt you could pass level 20 with the limited side-missions and overall quest. The limited quest might sound unreasonable, but I felt it was a very comfortable length for what the game is worth, but it lacks "epicness" of other RPGs. Again, this might be a personal gripe, but I do feel there was an overall lack of grandeur.

Overall this is a great little game and I hope they make a successor. There are many little homages to both the show and standard RPGs. The duo truly know how to push the envelope and I didn't find my self at any moment not smiling playing the game. But is the sixty dollar tag worth it? Probably not, if your a huge fan you might like replaying the game over and over, but I feel like it was a solid quest run, but only a one time thing.