South Park: The Stick of Truth is an amazing piece of work. Sure, it's technically a video game by all means, but it is so much more. It is a true, honest-to-god expansion of the series as we know it and it completely exceeds my expectations for an interactive adaptation of a TV series. It delivers every bit of the comedy and vulgarity seen in the TV series and then it goes as far as raising the bar even higher, taking its vulgar humor to extremes the series has never seen before - completely uncensored. The game delivers with an identical splitting-image aesthetic to the TV series. Never before have I witnessed an adaptation with gameplay that was completely indistinguishable from its counterpart. The game has absolutely no problem breaking character, even going as far to call itself out for embracing its traditional gaming cliches. These are some the doings that make this game fantastic. Unfortunately, the game isn't without its flaws. The turned-based elements feel somewhat shallow and inconsistent. Many of the game's inconsistencies could be a result of South Park's bugs and glitches; none of which are game-breaking, but can result in a few instances of poor performance throughout the game. Also, a love and passion for the South Park series is a requirement for full enjoyment and entertainment of the game. In other words, this game was made for the fans of series. Strong Disclaimer: nearly 99 percent of the jokes and dialog will go right over the player's head if they are not familiar with the series. However, if you're a tried and true South Park fan like myself, you will be in hysterics from start to finish.