South park was a pretty big part of my childhood (great parent guidance I had, right?).  The first time that I saw this game on the front of gameinformer I thought "another cheesy South Park game that will be terrible and no one willc are about it".  I could not have been further fromt he truth.

The way that this game takes the exact look of the show and just throws it into a video game is quite awesome.  If the developers would have made this game 3D just because they could, it would have ruined the game from the start.  Trey and Matt had a huge had in the game and I am sure that is why they went this direction.  I will speak for the entire South Park fan base and say tat I am very glad that they stuck true to what made them famous.

The graphics are what they are.  They look like the show and they throw in some flare.  that is not what this game is about so I will not waste a lot of time talking about it.  They went for a style and they nailed it.

The gameplay takes everything that made Mario RPG a cult classic and took it all the way to the bank.  Replace poisons with gross farts and replace brutal arrows with suction cup nerf like arrows.  The game is very simple in theory but if you don't have good timing then you may hate this game.  It is all based on hitting RTE promts to do extra damage or to avoid damage.  All types of enemies have an attack that can counter thier specialty.  Like Pokemon with swords.  The game in a nutshell is simple but very fun.

The sounds and songs are pulled straight from the show and they use them very well.  Scenarios fromt he show are sprinkled in here and there also.  Getting a visual of the entire town laid out in front of you like never before is also a very nice touch.  

The game does not have an insanely long run time like a lot of RPGs do.  I actually think that this fact helps the game more than it hurts it.  If they would have dragged the game into the 30+ hour mark it would have gotten stale in my opinion.  The game sits at a pleasant 10-12 hours of game play which I think is about perfect for this type of game.

It pretty much boils down to, if you love South Park and you love RPGS (or at least one of the two) then buy the game and have fun with it.  You will smile throughtout the entire thing.  Go get some laughs!