A game based on a movie/show, that actually does it right. Trey and Matt have been building the world of South Park for well over decade now. It has its own charm and lore. Games of the past based in this universe have all been lack luster at best. Quick cash ins devoid of love and attention by the creators them selves.The Stick of Truth however is a prime example of what can be done with a licens if the love and detail that is put forth to the source material is like wise applied to its video game counter part.


Nearly every part South Park and its lore are on display here. I am personally amazed by how faithful it is to the show. While the graphic will not win any awards . You would be hard pressed to find a single jagged pixel that breaks the illusion that you are interacting with an actual episode of south park.


The game play is solid if not a bit baren. It is no were as deep as , well virtually every other RPG. However It is charming enough and filled with enough humor to keep it entertaining. I do feel how ever that the leveling and combat system could have been balanced a bit better. By the middle to late game stages even bosses put up next to no challenge and I found my self winning with out  having to use any strategy . Really I only had to use my basic attacks to win most every late game encounter. Which took some of the fun out of it and kinda caused the experience to stagnate a bit for me.

The side quests while as funny  as the rest of the game. They felt tacked on and not very rewarding to complete. A meaningful piece of armor for completing a side quest would have been great though most just result in adding a new friend to your face book page. It is not a huge issue that ruins the game. I just felt they could have been a little more fleshed out and rewarding is all.


Baring a few minor gripes . I fully enjoyed this game and recommend it to any fan of South Park or off the wall comedy in general.