If You're a fan of South Park than You're in for a treat. This game perfectly carries the tone, humor and look of the show. In fact, they have made it even more crass and hilariously gross than the show normally is. I'm convinced Trey and Matt can do anything remarkably well. This game is like getting a whole new season at once. 


 On the gameplay front, it's fun but basic. Spells, attacks and summons are all infused with comedic gold. However it's a bit barebones and the game does a pretty poor job of explaining how things work. More than a few times I was at a loss as to why my attacks were doing one damage. And the inputs required for performing spells and things like abortions took longer to figure out than I think is necessary. That being said, once you get the hang of it it's pretty fun even on its own. Add in the pitch perfect comedy and it's more than capable of entertaining you for hours upon hours.


 Unfortunately no matter how brilliant Trey and matt are, this game was made by Obsidion and it shows. Framerate stutters and cliped dialog are the least of your worries. As it sits I am unable to complete the game. I reached a point very near the end of the game. Got to a certain level 14 thief in a dark tower, beat him and the game went to a black loading screen and yet dialog continued. I waited and waited and......nothing. So I reloaded and beat him again.......same. So one by one I loaded each one of my saves.......same. They're all broken!!


 I suppose I could start the game all over again and hope for best, but SCREW THAT!!! I hope they can patch it so that I can finish it. I was having a great time until it all went to hell. I'm playing on PS3 FYI. So I highly recommend making your own save files often. I'm tempted to lash out and give the game a crappy rating, but that wouldn't represent just how good the game is when it works. If the game works you're going to have a blast (provided you're a South Park fan). But unless you're a remorseless gambler than I would recommend waiting for some thorough patching. If the game worked as advertised I would probably give it a 9/10. I'm only counting flaws that seem to be in just about every copy when I grade it at 8/10.