Up to chapter 5 so far in the game. Playing on PS3. 


First: Gameplay itself. 
The controls are very easy to pick up even if some things were a bit out of the norm.  

When functional, its a joy. (more on this later).

When i can hear it, the story is failry engaging and has some great moments. Primarily in the side quest area.

 When the game first started out, it was a joy going through, a few sound issues were encountered with footsteps and the NPCs in the area, but they weren't too bad. Starting around Chapter 3 though I was having several issues with the sound cutting out during a cutscene. I play with subtitles as well just in case, and even those were failing to load properly when there were sound issues. I had to reload the last checkpoints (thankfully, none of them have been too far back when I need to do this) to get the sound clip for the cutscene to play through properly. 

The upgrades in the game are fairly easy to obtain. They take a bit of saving up here and there, but I've been replaying a few stages for the money and just to go for the 100% marker. Replaying a stage is easy to do, and yields some quick gold for those moments of 'my armor isn't cutting it, i need a few hundred more'.

The other issues that I have may be stemmed from being spoiled by other games. The mini map (and main map) are a bit tricky to read. It is hard to tell where the 'connection' points are to the loading screens to the other section of the map.

Admittedly, there are quite a few loading points. Some of them aren't even marked as such. There are windows you can go through to get to another section of the map, but they look the same as any other window you would go through to find some shiny loot to steal. Several times i've come across the windows only to go right back through them because the scenery is not exactly diverse and I can't tell where I've been to yet.  

The lack of a Fast Travel option makes this a bit more frustrating at times as well. 

Overall, I'm enjoying the experience, and look forward to completing the game, technical issues aside, it is a fun jaunt through the life of the shadows.