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Resident Evil -6-QTEs Origins

Resident Evil 6 -QTEs Origins


It starts with a QTE! short for a Quite Terrible Execution of button mapping and implanting (or forcing ) event!

You know




Resident Evil 6 is the only game ever created that requires you to enter 9 menus before you continue on your journey, well there actually 11 Men and even a menu for the first menu after you load the disc a unnecessary screen load with the “Press the Start Button” and after you do that, it will  alod another “Blank menu” with animated background and a Soundtrack asking to hit the “Start” button again to start, then you enter a menu you choose counute on your Single player or story mode, and yet another one pops and then 5 more after that before you get to see the Loading screen and actually start playing the game…Getting bored already? Worry not! Crapcom made sure to give you a lot of other reason to hate the game and get even more bored even during the action (just like a lazy cold dude getting dumped during sex)

The Bad:

  • Lots of lots of QTEs (you don’t say! )
  • Frame-rates, bad visuals and glitchy special effects (like the RPG one when it generates waterfalls out of nowhere upon explosion most of the times.
  • Lots of lots of QTEs
  • Awful Button mapping, where for example you have to press a certain button during “QTE’s”  like when you climb a robe or a pip, you don’t actually have to listen to the command or even wait for the L1 or L2 to show up on the screen, just keep mashing both of them L1+L2 at the same time and you’re golden.
  • Lots of QTEs
  • The pointer/arrow or even the updated story related events or direction won’t show for a period of time.
  • Lots of QTEs
  • Lots of Menus , this game actually wins if there were an award for the most “Menued” video game every released
  • Awful super confusing In Game-Menu design. And the menus are un-pausebale  so don’t even try to mute the loud sound effects while plying , plus the audio missing is awful and makes no difference lol
  • Lots of QTEs
  • RE 6 is the only game released throughout the past 7 Gens that won’t let you. Pause the game while saving!.....what’s up with that?
  • Broken Game/Driving/ combat mechanics, you see the R1 icon to stab and finish of  a downed zombie…..you do so….you see character doing the animation…but the zombie gets up… and walk through you! while you still trying to pull  your knife out of his supposedly downed body and chest.
  • Lots of QTEs (getting annoyed by seeing me mentioning the QTEs again and again and again?......try doing them 100’s of times during your one hour-gaming session then )
  • Forgettable story and endings, you don’t feel attached to the characters, as if they’re trying way too hard to make you care and failed! The only ones that felt any kind on connection to relate to the characters was actually the Vice actors themselves …while they had too, it’s their job you know.
  • Lots of QTEs
  • The director was so “Cheap” and kinda “uninspired?”  trying to force all kind of gameplay styles into one game, like Driving Cars/ Motorcycles and chases (Need for Speed) Driving Aircrafts (Ace Combat) and the CoD theme or feel playing Chris’s part of the story, the red eyed enemy soldires you encounter with the “KillZone-theme” or feel attached , so what do we have so far?...Yes Mr.CEO I get you CoD, Ace Combat, Need for Speed and KillZone feel all in one game..and with zombies (thank god they didn’t forget about the zombies, I mean since the game centered around them and the T/G Virus that barely got mentioned in the whole game.  You know what I mean? LMAO ) but you know what was the worst part of all these different gameplay styles? ..YES!! of course implanted lots  QTEs even during the Car/Aircraft driving lol
  • Lots of QTEs( can you blame me now? )


Now the good:

  • Great cinematic and Cut-censes ^^
  • The Cut-censes were all a QTE-free!





Final Score:


Rank: Poor.




Resident Evil 6 is a great game…for Mobiles ^^

P.s: I might have giving the game a higher score (up to 6.5/10 ) if the game has a different title (like Zombies in China) or maybe just maybe ..”QTEs Origin?








  • Now i'm so gonna get bashed by fannies lol well haters gonna hate! ^^ *hugs and kisses*

  • My only complaint thus far and im well into chris` campaign is the checkpoint to save system..90% of the time u hit a checkpoint it doesnt save...wich wasnt a problem when i could save manually or saves were done more often