What is there to say about the series other than all of the games have been great? Strider, ever since it's first carnation, has held a special place in my heart. Not only does the series hold a great story, the difficulty has always given a person an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. This entry into he Strider series does exactly what needed to be done. It's a great entry for newcomers who had never heard of it, all the way to the die hard fans like myself. In Strider, you play as Hiryu, a cyborg ninja with a bad ass sword called Cypher. As simple as the character sounds, he has a rich and compelling tale for those that want to search it on the web.  Now, graphics-wise this game is beautiful. Rich and vibrant colors constantly explode on the screen with each enemy slain. Hiryu is wearing an amped up version of his classic garb and he himself looks fantastic. The ONLY fault I have found in this entry is the voice acting, not to mention the annoying voices of your enemies can, from time to time, drive you insane. Otherwise, the audio is crisp sounding and as clean as a AAA title. The combat in Strider is not that complex to begin with but by the end of the game you have numerous attacks and options at your disposal. All in all, this entry is a MUST for fans of the series and the everyday gamer alike. I give Strider a 9.5 out of 10. Thank you very much Capcom, now if you could stop with all the dlc on your other titles that'd be great :D!