When I first booted up this game I was expecting a cashgrab from the publishers reviving an old long since dropped series wanting to cash in on gettin as much money as possible with a new downloadable title on the ps4 (as we all know that the current number of titles is of course not that high but alot of great titles have already been released so far I.e. lego marvel, killzone, etc.) but from the moment you take control of the game and begin to run forwards into hordes of robotic enemies i began to jump and flip about tapping the default attack button as i flitted about never in the same lace for more than half of a second. and it was amazing the controls are so fluid and the combat is tough but fair, plus its a metroid-vania game and there can never be too many of those in the world. If you are looking for a Capcom game and I mean a good honest to good old school mixed with new school capcom game then this it the game for you. Now if you will excuse me i'm going to get back to flipping and slicing my way through more hordes of enemies.